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Our winter issue is out now! The theme is Light. Sinéad de hÓra, Mark Curran, Jonti Searll, Lydia Campbell, and Darren McKenna share what light means to them— Dive on in!

Spirituality & The City


Sinéad de hÓra

There have been many moments of beautiful Light in my time. There was one turning point I remember had a greater luminosity though. ‘Twas the meeting with my first piece of Moldavite. A 14.7 billion year old Tektite of lunar origin, that on impact with the Earth’s surface formed a glass; a glass with an understanding of both the cosmos and the earthly plane. I kept it in a box full of mossy earth on top of a wardrobe in another room and still, I found its energy too strong… At that same time, I was fervently working through a book that spoke of ‘147 Golden Keys to Ascension in this Lifetime’. Committed from the outset and with military style precision, I embarked on each instruction. In the early-late hours I would perch on my outer windowsill with bulbous glasses of spring water, each with a gemstone nestled at the bottom, ready to be baked or cooled by the light of the stars, Sun or Moon. Gulping each back with great delight, I set about my spiritualised path with diligent and curious determination. This was my beginning in making gemstone elixirs. 20 years on and full of crystallised molecules, I am settled into my cosmic-Earth journey, and as more Light anchors in, the New Earth Elixirs range expands and evolves… and I find I am so very grateful for each and every Light moment…

Mark Curran

I suppose the light entered my life in a big way during the lockdowns. While the world was losing all reason on the outside, I looked inside for salvation. What unfolded in those times was beyond anyone’s control, especially my own. I had to find the peace within, I had to shut out the noise, which was not easy. There seemed to be no room for grey area in those times. You were either for or against Covid procedures, restrictions and medications. For the first time in my whole life, people were putting public and personal health first and parking the capitalist wheel. it was refreshing in a way. I felt it gave me enough of a break to really look within. I had to dig really deep to find the light. Ironically, it was a time of great darkness and uncertainty before I could find that light. I had to work harder on daily mediations and make strong efforts to stay connected to friends and family. I doubled up on Eckhart Tolle audio books and hiked every mountain Wicklow has to offer (twice). It was in this time we built Be Kind Industries, again another example of something good coming from tough times.

Jonti Searll

The Light entered my life when She walked into the room. And with the Light was the seed of the Shadow, for one is always within the other. The Shadow defines the Light, the Light casts itself upon the Shadow. And we dance with them, every moment. They’re not separate, simply different qualities of being. This Light, that She brought, was a laser, cutting to the quick, revealing me in my strength and power, in my fear and uncertainty, in my desire and longing. When we allow the Light to take us beyond the veil, all that’s left is the vibrating essence of who we are. This is the Light she brought, the light of the Goddess, the Light that calls for us to step up into the fullness of being, to meet her in the place of knowing, to dance with her anger and her love, her tears and her tenderness, her desire and passion. This is the Light of Life, the Light of Love.

Lydia Campbell

Light has come into my life in the form of my son. I gave birth to him at home on the bedroom floor, seven years ago. Throughout the labour I felt expansive, receptive and a longing in my body to be open. I felt like a lotus unfolding its petals, as my cervix did its holy job. I was called to surrender into the unknown, even when everything in my experience felt chaotic. Suddenly, the air in the room drastically changed and my focus shifted, and my mind was clear. No more openness, I had to finish the mission I started. I was drawn to a spiral of light in the far corner of the ceiling. It was like it was building and gathering with each contraction. That same spiral of light flashed down and seared through my body. My beautiful son was born. Life begins in the darkness and birth begins in chaos before the light can shine through and there’s union.

Darren McKenna

Every so often I get the privilege of working on a truly inspiring project. In this case, it was to document a dance program, which facilitated anyone looking to reconnect with their body. About halfway through the several-day program, I filmed a group freely dancing together as part of an exercise. For the first time, I noticed their movements seemed to express so much more than physical actions. They were reconnecting with a piece of themselves they’d lost – it was as if I was witnessing them becoming whole again. The whole experience only lasted a few minutes but was incredibly emotional to witness. I later interviewed the participants and learned that it was an equally emotional part of the program for them and incredibly therapeutic and nurturing. Being able to learn how free movement could heal others so profoundly, filled me with light and gratitude to be a part of this experience.

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