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Tantric Massage Practitioners Training

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We love this beautiful reflection by Rachael Nitya, which featured in the Short and Sweet section of our Winter 2022 issue. Her experience of Nerea Carryon’s Tantric work sounds truly profound!

Tantric Massage Practitioners Training

Everything And Everyone Is Welcome

By Rachael Nitya

I had the honour to attend Nerea Carryon’s course in Thailand, on ‘Tantra Island’ (Koh Phangan) in 2020 and then assist her last year in the hub of conscious community in the Algarve, Portugal, where she also shares heart expansion workshops, temple nights and conscious slow speed-dating!

She is a deeply heart-centred, truth-penetrating force of nature, with a sense of humour! I have never experienced someone hold space in presence like she does. I have cried, laughed, raged and orgasmed in her retreats. I lost and found myself, while also making intimate connections and furthering my knowledge. The big transmission, and what I find exhilarating, is that everything is welcome. For me this is the real Tantra. I learn to accept all of me along with everything else
– my dark, light, physical, sexual, spiritual, mental and emotional energy – everything.

I have sometimes thought, “How on earth is she going to deal with these people’s triggers?”

That’s when the real teaching comes in. She slows everything down, looks at you with those big open soft eyes, invites breath, sound, movement, slowness, energy, and a touch with tenderness and precision. Barriers drop. Heart opens. Connection and healing happens. It’s wild.

Here we get to be seen and see others in their most authentic self. We get to learn how to share that in our personal and professional lives through touch and presence. It’s sacred life-changing and world-changing work!



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