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To Choose Love

by Margot Tubbiolo

Our summer issue is out now! A sentimental piece written by Margot Tubbiolo touches on the different types of love that we can experience in life-from acquaintances all the way to the deepest bonds of unconditional love.

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To Choose Love

The Key to Meaningful Relationships

by Margot Tubbiolo


There are many different relationships in life, and I feel all are essential to be happy. Working on our social skills and
our relationships helps us to navigate life in a way that we could not do by ourselves. Everyone in our life has significance; no matter how small an interaction is with someone, it can change your perspective and theirs. It’s so important to realise
this because too many people go through life thinking they don’t have a purpose, whereas the fact that you can impact
someone with your presence is something to live for. It’s a perspective that changes your life, and everyone’s around you. I
want to elaborate on the different types of relationships and how they have affected my life and those surrounding me. The
types of relationships might intertwine with one another, but that’s life, isn’t it?


I’m a strong believer that putting your best foot forward with an acquaintance could make your day a little better. Now I know it can be hard, I’m an introvert myself, and I would way rather be alone than talking to new people. However, in my job I constantly have to talk to people, and I went through a time where I constantly avoided interactions and honestly, that made life so much harder. I open my mind and energy to people now, and I feel so much better within myself after a day of work.


A love that is experienced by most at a very young age, solely based on what school you’re in or who lives next to you. There is no rhyme or reason, it’s just simple. Sometimes a platonic breakup can be more painful than a romantic one because friendships usually last so much longer. It’s also solely based on your personality, so when that relationship deteriorates, it feels so much more personal. In saying that, like most things, the chance of being hurt is worth the risk. Platonic friendships are one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced. My two best friends fill me with so much joy and love when I see them. They are much more to me than friends; they make me feel like I’m not alone in this world. Even though we are all doing different things, like they’re in college and I’m working, it will never impact how much love we have for one another.

“Platonic friendships
are one of the most
beautiful things I’ve
ever experienced.”


My favourite type of love, yet the hardest to find, but this makes it all the more sweet. It’s something that I have experienced
through family and my first love (and my best friends, but they were already mentioned). My relationship with my boyfriend is completely unconditional. I saw through him straight away, and he saw through me. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and no one has ever made me feel so loved in all my life. I hope that everyone can experience this element of life because it’s a blessing. Relationships are the foundation of life;without them, we have no memories to cherish or life to live.


Margot Tubbiolo

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