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We Talk to Lee Harris

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Our summer issue is out now…We speak to Lee Harris, intuitive guide, channeler, teacher & speaker. He speaks about his relationship with beings he channels called the Z’s and their important messages they have for us here on Earth.

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We Talk to Lee Harris

by Persephone Kianka


Lee Harris, intuitive guide, channeler, teacher and speaker, reflects on his evolving relationship with the Z’s, the beings he channels, and their pertinent perspectives on humanity.


On the first day of recording channelled material for The Portal, his monthly members’ community, with psychotherapist Dianna Edwards, the Z’s chimed in to tell Lee, “This is a book series, and you just started.” Realising the powerful energy arising from these conversations led him to create the book, Conversations with the Z’s: Book One, which contains these fascinating dialogues. Lee acknowledges, “There is something about being invited into a conversation rather than just hearing a monologue from them,” so he wanted his book to read like a transcript. In a sense, Dianna stands in for the reader or listener as she dialogues with the Z’s about human life and the universe.


As humans, relationships are one of the pivotal ways we make sense of who we are and orient ourselves in the cosmos. Our
connections with others undoubtedly mirror our inner being, but where exactly should we be looking? After exploring this topic with the Z’s, Lee explains, “You’re having this constant sensory, emotional, mental reaction to the world inside yourself and that any of our relationships can either influence or challenge or enhance that inner relationship that we’re having.” As many of us know from experience, romantic connections, in particular, tend to hold up a mirror to the parts of us that we would rather not see.

They bring up our worst triggers again and again until we have no choice but to embrace and heal ourselves. Lee shares why this is from the Z’s perspective:“Romantic relationships are often a very fast and deep way for us to heal connection and disconnection certainly at this time on earth, but they said if we all lived more tribally, which is our design, then we would be less concerned about finding the One or the one romantic relationship.”

They stress that this doesn’t mean we should all have polyamorous connections. Some people are here to explore that way of relating, but for the rest of us, it would be enough to have more genuine connections with others in a spiritual sense: “If you were all living in a tribal loving community, the need for one person to pour all your love and connection into would become a little less true for you.”


As we inevitably grow and change, so will our relationships, which is why certain people are only meant to be in our lives for
a season. “As you grow because of each other, and in relation to each other, sometimes you grow out of compatibility with certain people, and that’s the design of it,” Lee explains. Though letting go of someone you love can often be emotional from our human perspective, the Z’s share that what we’re actually doing is “moving onto the next level of frequency and compatibility.” In hindsight, we can view each relationship we experienced as a gift, even if it was painful, because of what it allowed us to move through in ourselves.

I believe that even in the best relationships, challenges are supposed to arise so that we can move through them and heal our emotional wounds.“If you look at oneness and the idea that we’re all connected, then every new person is an expression of love and connection. That’s the highest form of it, but of course, we may not always see it that way, or we may be using that relationship to process or heal wounds that we need to move out of the way so that we can then move onto the next person and the next relationship.”


So, what is the key to a healthy, loving relationship, whether a friendship or romantic partnership? In answer to this million-dollar question, what the Z’s told Lee is refreshingly simple. The secret is balance, which you can assess in any relationship by asking yourself, “Is there a good flow of love and energy between me and the other person in general?”
As Lee points out, we often unconsciously adopt a saviour complex in the spiritual community, believing we can change anyone by pouring enough love and energy into them.

While Lee acknowledges that this is a beautiful practice for opening our hearts and loving unconditionally, he doesn’t necessarily believe we can or should try to transform another person. He maintains that for real compatibility in any relationship, “there needs to be some level of balance in the flow.”

According to the Z’s, “The really good relationships for us will be the ones where we have at least eight areas of compatibility.” This makes sense as, usually, more love can flow between individuals who want to devote their time and energy to similar things. “I think where we’re going in the world now as consciousness rises is more of an ability to hold your own love in yourself and be with people where it can flow more of the time rather than playing out such opposite roles and trying to create balance through living in an extreme.”


The familiar concept of oneness in the spiritual community calls us to see beyond the 3D world and its distinctions into the energetic space where we’re all connected. While many of us, including Lee, have been able to experience this freeing perspective in certain moments, it is often challenging to sustain.  After all, we can still learn a lot from our human lessons and perspective, knowing that ultimately “we are moving to a place where a lot of the old human stories, wounds, ideas, concepts, and emotional and mental restrictions are going away.”

As Lee explains, “More and more people are beginning to live at a higher frequency in a higher way, and as more people do that, it will bring everyone along for the ride because we do learn communally and collectively.” For people who feel drawn to or aligned with the concept of oneness, Lee affirms that moving towards that ideal will be their life’s work. While this won’t be everyone’s spiritual path, a growing number of us will be “working to become more of a person who is rooted in oneness,” learning to see everyone as ourselves and feel an intimate connection to people and the planet.



While it is reassuring to know that “oneness is the next place we are being brought towards, slowly but surely,” it can still be challenging to navigate the current state of the world. Without dwelling on the past, the Z’s want us to know that over ten thousand years ago, through some chain of events, we, as humans, were conditioned to have certain limiting beliefs about ourselves that don’t reflect our true capabilities. “The Z’s say that our actual truth is to be very aware spiritually and energetically on the planet, and that’s what we’re moving back towards.”

Lee looks to the recent breakthroughs we’ve had in our emotional awareness around issues of race, sexual identity and gender. Though these can cause tumult in the moment, Lee knows they are ultimately healing and cleansing. As the Z’s told him: “There is so much light on this Earth that is wanting to be seeded for the future, but you are dealing with the end of a very long period of history that has sought to limit light and limit spiritual awareness on the planet. And that period is now over, and that’s why we as a society are going through quite a reckoning in various systems, beliefs, ideas.” It is an intense time to be alive, for sure, and while we can’t necessarily evade the chaos, we can rest assured that it is all for a greater purpose. We are in the midst of the birthing process, watching as a new, more liberating reality slowly comes into view.



When Lee met the Z’s at age 23, he was surprised to learn that they were a group of 88 beings rather than one entity, which
is all he understood of channelling at the time. The first spokesperson he conversed with introduced himself as Zachary, and
every other member he’s met has a name starting with ‘Z’ as well. “Flash forward a few years later, when I started channelling for groups; the reason they became called the Z’s is because the people at the groups never knew which one
they were gonna get.” Lee explains, “We all have beings, angels, guides who are working with us; it’s just not everybody is aware of them or sees them or meets them.”

The Z’s, who are linked to Lee’s soul and path on Earth, have helped him understand some of the stories playing out globally “in a deeper, wider way rather than just believing what is presented to me on the surface.” Like any relationship, Lee’s connection with the Z’s has evolved over time. Only recently, he realised that their role is not so much to give us information or “secrets” about the universe as we sometimes see it, but “what they’re actually doing is reminding us that we all have that column of light within us.” “They’re helping people remember who they are, not necessarily because of what they say, but because of the frequency that comes through and how it encourages that osmosis effect in others.”



Though we are always connected to angelic beings and benevolent spirits, we must ask for their help to receive it. Due to our religious training, we tend to believe that the beings we pray to are far removed from us imperfect humans. The Z’s remind us that we are Spirit in human form, even if our personal reality seems far from angelic or peaceful. At this time, we are doing a lot of healing around who we are as humans and letting go of wounds, but this doesn’t make us any less connected to the Divine. Lee advises us to ask for help anytime we feel trapped in our humanness: “You can always say, “Universe, please help me release this stress” and let go of needing to know how,” trusting that the universe will provide.
“Then pay attention to the small, angelic moments that come in,” without expecting something overtly “spiritual” to happen. Divine assistance can come in the form of anything or anyone, such as a stranger showing you kindness.



In the second book of Lee’s series, Awaken Your Multidimensional Soul, the Z’s reveal how we can tap into our multidimensional nature. We often hear that we are moving from 3D to 5D, the fifth dimension being a frequency of living where we are more in connection, love and flow. In Lee’s understanding, “Usually, when we go into more expanded experiences, we then have to go back and clean up parts of ourselves that won’t let us sustain the expansion.”
“There tends to be this dance between dimensions and states within us to help us slowly but surely grow,” and we can see this playing out globally too.

The Z’s have said 2024 will be a huge turning point for us, bringing another surge of chaos before things can improve. Then, from 2025 to 2027, we will start seeing the evidence of “a new way of living, working, thinking, being.” The Z’s have also communicated the positive significance of 2030, which energetically feels “like a big bright sun”—a light we can look forward to at the end of the tunnel. Lee notes that during this challenging time, certain people are here to serve as front-line activists, pointing out where our systems are no longer serving humanity. Many others are not on the front line right now but are helping to birth the new world.

The key for all of us, Lee says, is to stay centred, cultivate love and support within our trusted circles, and stay connected to our Spirit. If we do get sucked into a human fear-based narrative, he advises us to let it move through our system while questioning its validity. “A lot is moving through   us from all kinds of timelines through human history; there’s a massive ancestral clearing going on that we might find ourselves in at any moment on any given day,” he relays.



Community is one of our greatest gifts at this time, not only for the support it provides but for the power of creation it
brings. Coming together with a similar intention of inviting more love and light onto the planet expedites the unfolding of
such a reality. Even when we don’t share physical space, the energy transcends time and space, allowing us to plug into the same frequency from anywhere. The Portal, which you can join on Lee’s website, is evidence of this, offering tools and interactive live teachings to go deeper with this work and be supported by and connect with a worldwide community.

This summer, Lee will bring his transformational work to Ireland for the first time at our Positive Nights event on July 26th 2023, at The Royal Marine Hotel, Dún Laoghaire. Lee expressed his excitement about this visit and shared a bit about what we can expect at the event:“I’ll be channelling the Z’s that night, and what I will do is as we get a little bit nearer the time, I will start tuning in on the energy of the group, and I will be told what to say.” Much like how he does his monthly energy updates, Lee will be given themes to speak about that are specifically attuned to the people who are going to be listening.
Will you join us at this leading edge of consciousness?




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