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Awaken to Tantra, Mark & Karen Sutton

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A Side Order of Intimacy Please 

Tantric Massage

Our lives have become focused on achieving: the top rung on the ladder, that platinum card, that 400 horsepower purring in the driveway, that sexy pair of Manolo Blahniks; and yes, achieving that orgasm; multiple ones. Isn’t that what Cosmo tells us to do? …In as short a time period as possible, because after all, we need to get some sleep to work on those abs at 5 in the morning. But how much intimacy have you savoured lately; with your partner; with yourself?

Intimacy is the glue that binds the building blocks of our relationships. It creates strength and security, deepens love and compassion. Take time to cultivate intimacy by creating a space with your partner, then, sitting opposite each other, fall into gentle eye-gazing. Begin to breathe in sync with each other, strip away the masks, be bare, open and reconnect heart to heart.

In Tantra, awareness is the key to intimacy. Tantric principles teach us to: “Stop, slow down. Breathe a little deeper, a little slower than you are right now.” The deeper you breathe, the more your body relaxes. The more you relax, the deeper you are able to breathe. In that moment, you feel more, become more aware and you move away from achieving and focus more on being. You become intimate with those you love, with the stranger passing in the street, with your morning cup of tea. In the banquet of all that Tantra offers, intimacy expands and sexuality awakens.



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