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The Near-Life Experience of Anita Moorjani: Interview by Paul Congdon

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The Near-Life Experience of Anita Moorjani

How a near death experience brought new light to life.

Tapestry of Life

Interviewed by Paul Congdon

Near Death Experiences, or NDEs, are something a significant number of people have returned to tell the story of. These accounts are insightful, uplifting and reassuring. In her book, ‘Dying to Be Me’, Anita describes “crossing over” to a dimension where she was engulfed in a feeling of love and clarity. She explains heaven as a ‘state’ rather than a place, and chose to return to live in “heaven on earth”. The term ‘near death’ seems to do little justice to the awakening, spiritual realisations and new life that Anita was imbued with. She had fought cancer for almost four years and before her NDE, her body began to shut down. Upon regaining consciousness, there was no trace of cancer in her body and she was released from hospital in a matter of weeks.  Paul Congdon spoke to Anita about her experience, what she brought back with her and what we can learn from NDEs to revitalise our lives here.

The perception that you had of what was happening around you, just before you passed over, you were using senses that you hadn’t used before. What did that feel like?
I could say it felt strange because it was different and new, but it felt amazing, really incredible and like, magical. But at the same time, it felt like it’s supposed to be this way. It was almost like waking up to a feeling of “Oh this is how it’s supposed to be!” This is the point where I understood that when we are born in our physical body, we still have access to a lot of that feeling. We are meant to be more connected than we are but it gets conditioned out of us.

You experienced time as if everything is happening now?
If you imagine a huge tapestry, the size of the side of a building. It’s a beautiful picture with lots of rich colours. If you come really close, you can see the strands of thread. As you go through your life, your thread is touching other threads, which go on to touch other threads; these are all the different people that you’ve touched. If you’re following the path of one thread using your finger, you can only follow it in linear time and that’s how we live our lives. Now imagine you die, so you’re not in that thread anymore, you’ve popped out of it and you can stand really far back and look at the entire tapestry. The whole tapestry is already complete and you can see the whole thing at once. You can see everybody else’s threads, and your threads, and everybody else’s future threads, and past threads. And the further back you stand, the more of the tapestry you can see.

So to live in the now, what does that mean to you?
Living in the present, to me, what it means is doing things because of the sheer joy it brings you right now. Make every choice from the place that brings you joy now, from whatever is available to you, regardless of where you are in your life. Make the choice that brings you the most joy in this moment. If you can do that in every moment, if that’s the only commitment you make, to always make the choice that brings you the most joy right now, then the future takes care of itself.

inspired living

It was interesting what came up about your relationship with your dad and the fact that you met him on the other side. You’ve had such a massive experience that gave you that empathy and love, you were able to see your dad in a whole new light. But for someone navigating a difficult relationship from this reality, what’s a really good move to engage in a more loving way?
When we engage with people, we think that we’re engaging with each other on a verbal, mental level but actually it’s your presence and your energy that affects the people around you. If you are about to meet someone who you find you have a challenging relationship with, I would invite you to speak absolutely minimally, let them do most of the talking. Internally, send your love to them and tell yourself that they are behaving this way because they don’t love themselves enough. They are fearful. When you start to see it that way, you will start to understand why they’re behaving that way. But the whole time what you have to do is consciously feel yourself loving them and sending them loving energy. If you can send your love to everybody, every time you’re in a room with anyone, you will actually be transforming people, you’ll be transforming rooms of people. It’s so easy to do that it surprises me that these are not the things we’re teaching our kids.

There are people out there at the moment who have just been diagnosed with Cancer and are considering whether to go through chemotherapy or choose natural remedies. You’ve been through that and with the knowledge from the NDE, what would you say to that person?
The first thing I would say is, choose what feels better for you, what feels less scary, and then surround yourself with people who will support your decision. The worst thing that you can do is be around people who are going to argue with your decision because that creates fear. It’s important whichever you choose, and it could be a combination, to tell yourself you are doing this to support and heal yourself, because you love yourself. Think in terms of I love my life, I value my life, so what do I want to do to support it? Once you’ve started to decide the protocols that you’re going to follow, surround yourself with people who understand you and who are going to support you. And they need to distract you and help you to have fun. Start living life. Go and be with people who love you, take up a hobby, go flying. The treatment just needs to be something that you do like you run an errand.

What would you suggest to remind people of what they should do on a daily basis to raise their frequency?
I would ask everyone, when they wake up in the morning, to give themselves a big hug, and tell themselves they love themselves. Ask yourself every day, what would I do if I could do anything I wanted? What brings me joy? Most people don’t even know what brings them joy. Even if you can’t drop everything and go do it, at the very least you need to know what it is. Once you start bringing it into your awareness, the opportunities will arise more and more. Make a commitment to do something fun, something that makes you laugh every single day. We’ve forgotten how to laugh, we take ourselves too seriously, we take our spiritual systems too seriously. Meditation is great, but more important than prayer, meditation, anything, is laughter and it’s something that we’re born knowing how to do. Everybody needs to know that you are spiritual, there is nothing wrong with you and you are perfect. You already have everything you are trying to attain, you already know everything, you are enlightened, you’ve just forgotten, that’s all. You’re already perfect. Live life with joy, eat chocolate, lighten up! That’s what everybody needs to know.

Anita is currently one of the most sought after inspirational speakers in the world and inspires her audience to transform their lives by living more authentically, discovering their greatest passions, transcending their deepest fears, and living from a place of pure joy. Her book, ‘Dying to Be Me’, hit the new york Times Bestseller list just two weeks after its release.


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