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Meditation: The Splendour of Surrender, By Sandy C. Newbigging

by Sandy C. Newbigging
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The Splendour of Surrender

By Sandy C. Newbigging

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Living from the wisdom within.

Surrender sits at the heart of meditation. By surrender I’m not referring to waving a white flag or giving up, but the ability to let go. It is only in being willing to let go of your pre-conceived ideas about how your mind, body and life should be, that you can fully embrace the joy and grace that continuously flows through every moment.

Let the loving hand of the universe guide you.

1. Go with the flow

Creation is occurring in its awe-inspiring glory right now. To resist life is to push away magic and miracles. Everything happens to help you to wake up, learn to love unconditionally and live your purpose. Trying to make life look how you think it should is the equivalent of trying to squeeze the universe through the eye of a needle. The universe we play in is abundant. It is trying to give you everything. Always. There isn’t a moment when what you need isn’t given to you freely. Yet, if you continue to hold onto the mind, you can only get, at best, your beliefs about what you think is possible.

Remain open to abundance by living with an accepting heart surrendered to whatever the moment brings. Be willing to receive a helping hand from the universe in ways you least expect. Be open to and expectant of unforeseen miracles.

2. From concepts to consciousness

Care less about gathering concepts and ideas and focus your attention on being consciously aware. Without learning how to be in the ‘here and now’, no new ideas will be useful because you will remain one-step removed from life. An attitude of active calm moves you from possessing knowledge to living with wisdom.

3. Live the meditation teachings and internalise the techniques

Within you is supreme consciousness, full of light, love and enlightenment. It’s yours to experience. All that’s required to inherit its riches is your attention. The more you let go, the more you will find the fullness of still, silent space.

4. Surrender to what is

Without letting this moment be, as it is, your mind will continue to be busy. Any resistance causes the mind to become highly active and remain at the forefront of your attention. Make being calm more important than being right and make peace more important than things going to plan. If something unexpected or ‘bad’ happens, gracefully deal with it without any rejection of reality. Wishing things hadn’t happened only attaches you to a past that cannot be changed. Pushing back at life tires you out and puts your peace and prosperity on hold.

5. Resistance = Stress + Struggle
Surrender = Serenity + Success

Resisting reality doesn’t change reality. It only makes you stressed and causes you unnecessary suffering. Why reject life? Isn’t it more appealing to surrender to what is, let things be, as they are, and with a calm mind and courageous heart, take whatever action is required? You can resist what is or you can let it be, as it is.

Surrender is by far the best strategy if serenity and success is what you genuinely want. Allowing reality to show up in all its glorious and unexpected ways is so much fun. You have front row seats at this phenomenal thing called ‘your life’. Surrender to what is and I guarantee that you will enjoy the boundless benefits of meditation and see with your own awakened eyes that the secret to success is stillness.

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Sandy is the creator of the Mind Detox and Mind Calm methods of therapy and meditation. His no.1 best selling book ‘THUNK! How to Think Less for Serenity and Success’ is available on amazon.

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