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Those Summer Vibes: Events, Training & Treats to Check Out This Summer

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Summer Vibes 2014 – “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability ” Sam Keen

Body & Soul Festival

Events, Workshops, Training, Inspiration, Treats & More for Summer 2014

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Workshops & Training

Awaken Your Heart
Kerry: 30 August – 22 September, Dublin: 11 – 14 September
This four day workshop is designed to connect you to the sacred space of the heart, teach you how to create and to activate your Merkaba. ireneviglia.com

Enrich & Clarify
5 – 6 July, Dublin
Endorsed by Bruce Lipton, the purpose of PSYCH-K is to nurture sacred global evolution. Their introductory workshops will teach you to communicate with the subconscious mind using a unique, muscle-testing protocol and enrich your life with goal clarification. psych-k.com

Zest for Life
ZestLife offer a range of training and coaching using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a process that helps people to understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behaviour. Enrich your life and your practice with their professional certification course starting this September. zestlife.ie

Get Physical, Mental & Emotional
Bio-Energy therapy works on physical, mental and emotional levels as an holistic solution to our wellbeing. Want to boost your practice with something extra? Bio-Energy Training are now enrolling students for their Diploma course beginning this September. bioenergytraining.com

5 Rhythms® Summer School
21 – 25 July, Clare
A creative movement practice that opens you up to become curious about the sources of your passion, investigate your essential, gentle and fun-loving nature, and identify the parts of us that hold us back from experiencing lightness and joy. Led by Caitríona Nic Ghiollaphádraig in the beautiful surroundings of the Burren. boghill.com

Emmett Technique
Ross Emmett, founder of the Emmett technique had a great impact at a recent Buddha Bag Meeting. Ross developed this technique as a youth working on animals, later combining the skills with older proven therapies with outstanding results. Courses running in Dublin will be open to practitioners and those who would like to empower and heal themselves. emmett-uk.com

Get Inspired

Embrace Fragility
19 July, Dunderry Park, Meath
A groundbreaking seminar, pioneering philosopher Tim Freke will lead a number of ‘I’ to ‘I’ practises to allow you to become conscious of the ‘deep self’ within you and within others. Embrace both your spiritual depths and your vulnerable, tender, fragile humanity. archetypeevents.com

Prem Rawat
5 July, Dublin
‘Ambassador of Peace’ Prem Rawat, a respected international speaker and meditation teacher, attracts audiences from all walks of life around the globe. Speaking from the heart, he inspires audiences to experience personal peace – because peace has to emanate from you to appear in the world. wopg.org/events


Holistic Arts

David Lynch’s New Film
A fascinating documentary revealing rare insights into Lynch’s creative process. The award winning feature film, follows Lynch on a tour of Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America to speak about the individual and global impact of meditation as a way of changing the world, starting from within. meditationcreativitypeace.com

David Lynch Screening Dublin

21 July – 2 August, Dun Laoghaire
Internationally acclaimed playwright and director Yael Farber creates a moving new work that cracks open the silence that has surrounded gender based human rights issues in our world, focussing on the story of Nirbhaya. paviliontheatre.ie

Sound Healing Recordings
Sound Healer and founder of Parashakti School of Sacred Sound Healing Patricia Lohan has recently released a series of meditation CDs and MP3s to let you feel the bliss of sound healing at home or on the go. Journey through the chakras, meditate with a mantra or harmonise, wherever you are. patricialohan.com


Out & About

Garden Party
13 July, TheOrganic Centre, Leitrim
A garden party with a difference. Learn to grow your organic food, enjoy guided tours of the Organic Centre and take part in clinics on pest control. All with a backdrop of live trad music, children’s activities and heaps more. theorganiccentre.ie

Spirit of Folk
19 – 21 September, Meath
A two-day, camping, family-oriented festival that’s about more than just the music. As well as some great musicians, it’s a holistic event that celebrates all aspects of our rich ancestral traditions, including folk music, storytelling, folk living, games and crafts. Leave happy refreshed, smiling and having learned something new and old! spiritoffolk.com

Body and Soul
20 – 22 June, Westmeath
This may be over for this year, but boy was it good! Keep an eye out for our review and pics and start preparing for next year’s! bodyandsoul.ie


Healthy You

Dr. Chocolate
Dr. Coy’s sugar free chocolate seems the perfect name for it because coy is exactly how you’ll feel eating it before anyone else knows about it. It’s made with natural sugars, so the blood glucose rise is way lower than with refined sugars, contains heaps of Vitamin E and guess what? It also tastes flipping gorgeous! drcoys.ie

Dr Coys Chocolate

Gluten Freedom
The American Muffin Company are in fact a specialist, British bakery, with a twist. They make your favourite, baked goods, including the classic, American muffin – without the gluten. americanmuffin.com

Antigravity Aerial Yoga
11 – 13 July, Co. Clare
A unique weekend retreat. Enjoy restorative Antigravity and Aerial Yoga, floating meditations, life lessons, massage and the breathtakingly beautiful view of the Cliffs of Moher. vitality.ie | cliffsofmoherretreat.com

Aerial Yoga Ireland

Be Fine, Realign
Amatsu therapy is a modern adaptation of a Japanese soft tissue therapy that is brilliant for realigning the body. Qualified amatsu therapist Monika says we owe it to ourselves to keep that amazing piece of engineering we call ‘the body’, fit, well and balanced. enso.ie

Attending an event or trying a product or workshop listed here? Tweet your experience to @PositiveLifeMag

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