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Summer Vibes 2008

by Patrick

Spiritual Cinema Circle

These inspirational movies have played to enthusiastic audiences at film festivals all over the world, and many have won major awards. But in most cases, The Spiritual Cinema Circle is the only place you’ll get to see them. Each one is a movie with a story that matters. Stories that remind us about what it means to be human. That explore new possibilities. That help us understand more of the world around us.

Our selections include a wide range of topics from the power of the mind to living compassionately to the empowering message of creating your own destiny.

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Cultivate Health & Yoga Day

Saturday 21st June 2008 | * SUMMER SOLSTICE *

Admission: €20 (ALL classes, therapies and workshops included in price!) Ticket holders only | Buy yours in our shop or call 01 674 5773 or 01 674 6396

Yoga, Aikido, meditation and Tai Chi classes, therapies such as Reiki, reflexology, acupuncture and massage, talks on homeopathy, astrology and more, workshops such as Alexander Technique and Emotional Freedom Techniques, demonstrations and information.

Venues: Ss. Michael & John’s at Cultivate and the adjoining Aspect Language School.

9am – 1pm | 2 – 6pm (1 – 2pm is reserved for lunch time for all. Govinda’s will sell food on site.)

Cars Powered By Vegetable Oil

Ecocar.ie specialises in upgrading your vehicle to run on environmentally friendly fuel while still being able to use conventional petrol or diesel.Upgrade your vehicle today and enjoy the following benefits:

Significantly cheaper PPO-BioFuel, is available at 0% excise tax. Same power & mpg. It is neither harmful nor toxic to humans, animals, soil, water or air. It’s a locally produced, guaranteed Irish product. Clean fuel, contains no sulphur and emits less soot / smoke. Vegetable oil is a natural lubricant therefore may prolong the life of your engine.

Take the Angels on Holiday

What better way to spend your summer than relaxing with good book? And what better book than Angels in my Hair, the autobiography of a modern-day Irish Mystic. All children are born with the ability to see Angels, but most of us lose that ability by the time we go to school. Lorna Byrne, however, never lost the ability, and continues to communicate with all of our Angels for the benefit of everyone.

To win a copy of the book, simply email us your best Angel story to patrickpositivelife@gmail.com The 5 best stories will win.

Deepak Chopra Comes to Dublin

This July 7th-12th, the Chopra Center will offer its Seduction of Spirit program in Dublin, where Deepak Chopra and David Simon will guide participants in a six-day exploration of deep meditation, yoga, and practices for fulfilling their highest human potential.Seduction of Spirit was designed to help people manage the stress of their daily lives, cope with anxiety and emotional turbulence, and discover their deepest purpose.

In addition to daily sessions with Drs. Chopra & Simon, guests will receive instruction in the transformative practice of Primordial Sound Meditation, the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and other healing tools and techniques. Delicious Ayurvedic vegetarian lunches prepared from the Chopra Center Cookbook will also be served each day.Seducton of Spirit will take at Dublin’s luxurious CityWest hotel, offering abundant beauty, fresh ocean breezes, and nature’s tranquility.


Body & Soul at Electric Picnic

When a collective of people pour their heart, soul, energy, enthusiasm, vision and passion into a space you can be sure that the experience will be both magical and alchemical. It comes from the heart, and is infused with love! So much can happen in a space that it dedicated to nature, love and creativity and this year, you are invited and welcomed into what these people believe is the very heart of the festival experience. For more information see



Café del Vino

A Café with a difference. In the heart of Kilkenny, Helen and Urs Tobler have opened a Vinothek where all wines are certified organic, where the coffee is fair trade and organic, and where the food is local.
Choose between 30 different wines that are served by the glass, drink while enjoying a plate of smoked organic salmon, or a cheese platter with award winning local and other fabulous cheeses, have a feta salad enriched with a dressing of organic olive oil, organic cider vinegar and other first class ingredients. Or have a great coffee and savour the house made chocolate cake.
So, when next in Kilkenny, find the Butterslip and dive into the experience of the Café del Vino.

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