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Monk Cheong Wol of Pure Spirit Energy Centre

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Interviewed by Patrick Bridgeman

“One day when I was a child, a Buddhist monk came to my parents, talked to them about me and predicted my future. He said, ‘He will suffer a lot in his childhood and he will escape from the throes of death 3 times. But at the age of 32, he will start to lead a lot of people to save mankind. He may become a great Buddhist Monk, an oriental medicine doctor, a professor, a political minister, or a good business man. Whichever way he decides to go, he will become a person who can live for the sake of others.’ As it turns out, all of these predictions have come true, except for politics. I have even escaped the throes of death 3 times. I am amazed by this Buddhist Monk’s insight.

When I asked Cheong Wol what he thought about destiny and people’s path in life, he said, “There are two different words in Korea to describe destiny: Un-myeong and Suk-myeong. Un-myeong means you can drive, you can change things. Suk-myeong is something you cannot change, like where you were born.

Destiny is like a river. Some people’s river goes straight and others are winding, but you cannot change the shape of the river. However, when you flow, the river can branch off and you have to decide which direction you will go in. That is where free will comes in. Many people choose what seems like the calm stream, but it may lead to a waterfall; and rough water can sometimes lead to a huge expanse of calmness.

If you are lucky, you will meet a guru who can tell you what lies in store for you down each possible path, but even with the guidance of a guru, sometimes you cannot avoid your destiny. The best thing is to know how to become strong. If you know how to swim, you can survive rough waters and waterfalls, or even climb out of the river and run up the mountain. If you have that ability, you can change your destiny. That is what we help people to do here at the Pure Spirit Energy Centre. We channel positive energy so people become stronger and brighter and attract only good things into their life.

When you feel the energy, you are using your 6th sense to experience the invisible spirit world that exists. Knowing this spirit world exists, we realise there are more meaningful pursuits in life than the attainment of wealth.”

After studying in America, and building a foundation for his work in Korea, he was looking to move out into the world. That is when Dorim (who is acting as our translator) came to study with him. Dorim encouraged Cheong Wol to hold a seminar in Ireland, which they did in June last year. “I found that Irish people are very similar to Koreans – spiritual, funny, relaxed, with a deep heart, very similar. It touched my heart and I felt a very strong feeling that my destiny was in Ireland.

A lot of Europeans love Ireland and love Irish people, and it’s a beautiful land of myth and healing. So, with my energy and Irish people’s spirituality, I want to create a massive healing centre in Ireland that all Europeans and Americans will come to, to be healed.”

When Cheongwol went to meet Dr Masaru Emoto – who has met thousands of energy masters – he became the only person who has actually managed to change the shape of the water crystals using pure energy channelling; and my personal experience of his energy channelling and meditation sessions at their centre in Rathfarnham was powerful and healing.


With the year that’s in it, Paul wanted to know Cheong Wol’s thoughts on the Mayan Calendar predictions. “All the predictions were made a long time ago. The seers may have seen an earthquake or a war and thought they were seeing the end of the world, but it was only a moment, not the whole picture.”

When I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to say to our readers, he replied, “Probably everybody knows that when you die, your spirit will remain, but if you don’t have any experience of this, it can be quite hard to really realise that there is a spirit, or that you will become a spirit after you die.

The spirit also exists as energy, and actually influences people. I have treated many people with diseases like cancer, and, in many cases, there were spirits involved. Other people’s spirits can come in to your body and cause disease, so in the centre we have done a lot of liberation ceremonies. People who could barely move were able to move again, and all symptoms of the disease were gone, once the spirit was liberated.

If you know about the spirit world, then your view and your life journey will change. You’re not going to waste your time or just focus on being wealthy. You’ll realise there are more valuable things in the higher realms. Your attitude towards people and things will totally change.

If you think about your life from when you were born until now, it feels like it was very quick. You were a baby and now you’re suddenly here. When you’re 80, it may seem even shorter. When you are about to die, you may wonder what you did with your life, besides buying a nice car and house, etc. A life lived with only those primary things is meaningless. We need to search for more meaningful stuff for our life, so when we die we will feel happy and fulfilled.

Through training, I have experienced a very deep level of Samadhi, and felt an extreme level of happiness, peace and abundance. I want to let other people know that such a world exists and you can actually feel it, experience it and go down there in your mind if you try; if you know the right way to go.

People don’t know the value of their life and themselves. I realised that I am a valuable person, and everyone else is as well.”

Monk Cheong Wol set up the Pure Spirit Energy Centre in Ireland.

www.energytemple.ie or 0863894612

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