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Feng Shui for Peace & Health, Amanda Collins

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Feng Shui for Peace and Health

Feng Shui for Peace and Health, Amanda Collins

Feng Shui for Peace and Health

Home is the foundation of everything. That’s why it’s so important that your home supports health, peace and well being. I invite you to connect to your home just like you would connect to a person. Listen and pay attention to how you feel in your home. Ask yourself, do my spirits raise or fall when I walk in my front door? Whatever the answer is, things can always be done to improve the energy with a little knowledge and love.

Sleep is vital for rejuvenation, so let’s start with some tips for a good night’s sleep. Place your bed so you have a full view of the door, but don’t place it directly under windows. If possible, don’t sleep with your head against the toilet wall. Solid, wooden, supportive headboards and natural mattresses are best.

The bedroom is a place for rest and romance, not work or exercise. Remove Energy Stimulants that have high amounts of electromagnetic energy like TVs, digital clocks, computers, and telephones. Clear all clutter from your bedroom and under your bed. Bedroom furniture should have rounded edges, not sharp. If you have an en-suite bathroom, make sure the toilet lid is down and the door is shut before you settle down for the night.

A couple of hours before bedtime, dim the lights to help your inner clock move towards sleep. Natural soy, paraffin-free candles are also a sensual and soothing way to calm the spirit. Use aromatherapy to further relax the body; try lavender or gardenia.

Create a special sleep ritual. Spend a couple of minutes writing down your worries or anything you must remember for the next day so your mind can let go of anxiety. Have some herbal tea, meditate, do gentle yoga, take a walk, write in a gratitude journal or take a warm bath.

Keep in mind: a mirror at the foot of anyone’s bed is not advisable, especially children. It will make the child too active at night-time. Bunk beds are not advisable for children either. The child on the bottom feels compressed and the child on top does not have the ground support needed, which can lead to confusion and stress. Make sure artwork in children’s bedrooms does not depict fighting cartoon characters.

Have an abundance of plants in your home; they’ll improve air quality. Cactus and dried flowers, however, are not recommended. Place happy photos and images of you and your family around, and surround yourself with art you love and things that inspire you. Decorate with calming colours such as a pastels and earth tones.

The centre of your home is considered the Health area so it’s important to keep it clutter free and open. Consider using an air ionizer and purifier. Add specific plants that purify the air, such as Boston Ferns. Try to spend some time enjoying Mother Nature at least once a day.

Aim to create a clutter-free kitchen with a sense of freshness and lightness. Adding a mirror above your stove will put you in the power position when you are cooking. Placing the colours blue or black near or on the refrigerator has been scientifically proven to help suppress appetite. Clear all random magnets and replace them with a single positive affirmation: I love my body and feed it natural healthy foods.

Keep a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter and grow fresh herbs, and greenery in the window. Eat fresh, organic food and keep processed food with little chi value to a minimum. Create a sacred eating ritual, decorate the table with fresh flowers, bless your food, and show gratitude for it. To support conscious eating, always eat dinner sitting at the table, not sitting watching television!

Inspiring health affirmations will also help you live in harmony. Try repeating:
I listen to my body’s messages with love.
I nourish my mind, body, and soul.
I am healthy, whole, and complete.


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