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Give Yourself a Happy Boost with Positive Self-Suggestion

by Patrick

By Derek O’Neill

A short, simple practice to brighten your day.

Is it really that easy to stay positive? It can be hard to stay conscious of how to be happy. If you are finding it challenging to hold a positive frame of mind and smile for the simple appreciation of having shelter, food and clothing, then there is an easy fix for you – self-suggestion. Self-suggestion is a tool that’s very easy to access and can bring substantial change to your life. Using this tool taps into our unlimited subconscious to affect our happiness, health and general outlook, to shift them into a positive place. Self-suggestion, in the form of affirmations and relaxed meditations, can be implemented to go into a deeper, heightened sense of awareness.

Thoughts are suggestions – positive ones are going to affect you positively and negative thoughts will affect you negatively because your mind says “Yes” to everything. It’s the way we talk to our mind that results in either a positive or negative outlook. Try to speak to your mind by saying: “Everyday, in every way, I am becoming happier.” (Or whatever issue you are struggling with.)

Your mind believes what it is given, and negative thoughts will be taken as the truth, even if they have no basis in reality. Take 5 minutes a day to go into a relaxed state and focus on a memory where you felt more positive, confident or powerful, and see the results!

Suggestion alone is not enough. Once you practice positive self-suggestion, you have to back it up with action. Action leads to manifestation and the infinite ability to affect positive change in your life.




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