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Feel Love, Spirituality and the City – Autumn 2012

by Patrick

Patricia Lohan

Sacred Sound & Energy Therapist / Yoga Teacher

Dearest Love,

Engulfed in your firm embrace, the words flew up through my body unintentionally, unplanned, from a place I never knew existed, and caught me by surprise. I felt my body tense. My heart skipped a beat as shock and fear simultaneously permeated throughout. Stuck at my throat, I couldn’t utter them out loud. I hardly knew you! “It’s crazy,” I thought. Quickly, I pushed them down to the depths; too afraid to release these never before uttered words. They have been trapped inside me too long, filling me with anguish. Now, a dawning, I set them free. I love you. Easy, yet, why so much fear? I feel love. It’s light, bright and beautiful. Is there an on button in your heart to feel and share this love too? Or is it time for me to move on, being eternally grateful for the magical taste of love which you ignited in me.

P xxx



Sarah Mullarkey

Teacher / Dancer

Dear loved ones,

It is in the unconditional that we are truly free to grow. I have sunk and swam many times. I would surely drown without the love and tenderness of your souls, without the logic and ferocity of your minds, without a hand to hold during times of sorrow. I am who I am with the help of you.


In the ways possible, I have been supported. Money cannot buy.

I love how we talk so openly and freely. I hope to do so for as long as I live.


I thank you for patience, for love and mercy with my troubles. You see the best in the worst of me. You remind me to…Trust.

I wish I could give you more than I have and I hope to do so with all that I am.

Thank you for the unconditional. Thank you for growing with me.


Bridgeen Rea

Mindfulness Teacher

Dear Sisters of New Hamlet,

I love you all very much. Your kindness and goodness radiate from you. Your dedication to mindful living is embodied in your every instance.

When I am lucky enough to go to Plum Village (which I do every year), I always feel excited on my journey – I will see the Sisters again! Like my long lost family or a best friend I rarely see but know that once we meet again it will be like it was before. We will pick up where we left off; continue our conversations, listen deeply and share from the heart.

We sit, walk and sing together. Last time you sang this song with words that made me cry because they are so true and sum up how I feel about you: “In gratitude, you have watered seeds of love in me. In gratitude, I will water seeds of love in someone too.”

With love,

Bridgeen x


Declan Tarpey

Solas Counselling & Psychotherapy

 To all the people I love in my Life,

It is you, all of you, that taught me how to receive and offer love. Sometimes, I struggle to find the courage and generosity to accept and receive your love fully. Equally, in challenging times, I struggle to allow my love for you to be visible. This beautiful thing we call love is what gives my very existence meaning. You could not have given me a greater gift. Today, as a psychotherapist, my life is dedicated to the act of loving each individual person that sits in front of me, and I am fully aware of just how privileged I am to have love as the oil, the mood music, the river that runs through each working hour. I offer deep gratitude and, above all, love to all of you who have taught me how to love by loving me.

Grá mor,





Kevin Eakins


This letter is about as private as a public shower.

I protest (and yet he continues).

How can I write this to you and the whole world as well?

How do I write about something I have never understood?

How can I live without you, and know that one day, if you left, I’d have to go on?

What is my love worth when it’s so inconsistent?

Does my love still exist when I’m feeling “bad” thoughts?

How can I fit a lifetime of love into 150 words?

And yet I know you.

I know you by your smell, your curves, your moods, your femaleness, your maleness,

The way you walk down stairs, the sounds you make, the way you touch me…

The fact that my world revolves around you (how can he admit to that?).

I know you and I always will.

Let these words pour all over you.

Will I still love you when I’m dead? (He hopes so.)



Peter O’Brien

Cultural Event Organizer

The Dictionary says that this love thing is “a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.” I have an abundance of that for a lot of people, for every individual in my life, for this country, and for the whole of this human project on this magical planet. In my day-to-day, I have difficulties with people, and certain individuals don’t like me, and I just don’t like them; but for better or worse, we are truly amazing creatures and I am so glad to be here, in this body, in relationship with so many human creatures. We are insane, outstanding, average, annoying, depressed, elated, smelly, stunning, impossible, talented, and that list goes on and on in every one of us. I have a profoundly tender and passionate affection for this miraculous expression of life called humanity. We are all incredible. I love myself and every one of you.


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