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How to be Happy with Money By Patrick Bridgeman

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Being You WIth Money Class

Being You WIth Money Class

Spending a day in the company of Dr. Dain Heer has been so transformative that I’m not sure I’m even ready to write about it. So much has shifted in my energetic point of attraction, and so much is still shifting, that it might take another 6 months to a year before I fully realise the effect his Being You with Money talk has had on my life.

What I can say is that he seems to be a very well-intentioned, caring, intuitive, funny and charismatic speaker, teacher and healer, who gives generously of his time and energy to those who attend his talks.

Having transformed his own troubled relationship with money and happiness, he does what he can to help everyone else to reach the heights of abundance, joy and prosperity that he knows we can all reach.

His psychic sensitivity and array of Access Consciousness tools (such as the Clearing Statement) allowed him not only to shine a light on the limiting beliefs and judgements we took on as our own in this and past lives, but also to destroy and uncreate the seeds of those limitations. Over the course of the day, I felt powerful energetic shifts occurring in my own energy field and also that of others in the room.

To help with these energetic shifts, Access Bars practitioners were offering free Bars treatments to anyone who wanted one. I had my Bars “run” and it sent me into a deeply meditative state; so much so that I jolted awake as I snapped back to reality. And another additional support system came in the form of mp3 recordings of the entire day, to help the participants to more deeply absorb the mental, emotional, physical and energetic shifts that occurred.

I left the workshop feeling uplifted and inspired, and the universe sent me immediate signals that my money situation was changing for the better. I highly recommend this class and any Dr. Dain may bring to Ireland in the future.


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