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Mind Body Spirit Festivals Ireland, March 2013

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peace festival ireland, europe

The Mind Body Spirit Festival takes place in both Dublin and Cork this year and you’re invited to come and explore ancient wisdoms from the East and the West.

peace festival ireland, europe

Cork, March 8th – 10th, 2013
At The Mind Body Spirit Festival Cork, take a journey to explore alternative therapies, relaxation techniques and ancient wisdoms from East and West. You could also gain a deeper understanding of techniques and concepts and see them demonstrated by taking part in a workshop. You can learn how to dowse or discover your psychic abilities or learn about connecting with your guardian angels. There will also be an opportunity to meet your favorite speakers and authors at Speakers Corner.

Dublin, March 16th – 18th, 2013
Engage your mind, treat your body and nurture your soul at The Mind Body Spirit Dublin Festival. This is the largest Holistic & Wellbeing Festival in Ireland, featuring over 150 stalls providing the chance to sample new and established complementary and healing therapies, purchase an array of retail goodies or discover the future with a psychic, tarot, or angel reading. The free live stage entertainment features 45 performances, including dynamic displays of dance and yoga styles, musical concerts and inspiring talks.


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