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Worry Less, Laugh More – Noirin Callanan on How to Be Happy

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Worrying is a complete waste of living, loving and laughing time. We have this notion, that if we worry enough we will avoid danger. We think God or Fate will become vengeful and send problems, if we are too damned happy! 

two girls laughing

“Worry is like a rocking chair. It will give you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere.”
– Wise, inspirational quote courtesy of Benjamin Franklin

The essence of Spirit is Joy and we are here to live joyfully. My tips are;

1. CONDENSE your worries into one specific ‘Worry Hour’ each day.

2. MEDITATE and ask for guidance towards the best possible solutions.

3. WRITE down the specific worry.

4. BRAINSTORM possible solutions, pick one and take action on it.

5. ACCEPT the things you can’t change (including other people). Visualise them smiling and happy and release them.

6. CHANGE what you can (yourself and your words, thoughts, actions )

7. REALISE that you’re not responsible for and can’t fix World problems or force anyone else to be happy.

8. LOCK your worries away in a Worry box. If a worry returns during the 23 hours off, tell it to “feck off” into its box until Worry Hour !    

9. TALK to someone about your worries. Problem shared is problem halved.  

10. PLAN regular laughing time; watch comedy, meet crazy friends, borrow a kid, play, skip, pull funny faces!

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