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Shamanic Healing & Workshops with Master Shaman Don Sebastian Suclle Apaza

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shamanic healing

Don Sebastian Suclle is an Andean Master Shaman, he was born in the Q’ero Nation a village at the southeast of Cusco, ancient capital of the Americas. Sebastian comes from lineage of medicine people, his apprenticeship began at very young age soon after he was struck by lightning. Thus began his initiation in the Shamanic path as a Servant of Pachamama ( Mother Earth ) and the Apus (Mountain Spirits).

shamanic healing

The Q’ero nation work and live as a community of about 2000 people, living high in Peruvian Andes mountains Waman Lipa 4,300mts. The main activity besides agriculture, is weaving and it’s threw their weaving they have been communicating since they don’t have a written language.

The Q’ero are the last descendants of the Inka Civillisation. When the Conquistador invaded Peru in the 16th century they fled high in Andes and were able to maintain the Q’ero knowledge and Shamanic tradition dating back thousands of years. These traditions and their ancient medicine ways passed from generation to generation are now being shared with the modern World.

Q’ero Shamans believe it is paramount to be in right relationship with Mother Earth, our families, our friends, our work, and each person and everything we interact with, not just those we love, but to be in right relationship with every part of our lives, including ourselves. This is to live in AYNI.

The Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies ( Cork ) will host Don Sebastian and the events outlined below.

@ The Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies
MON – FRI from 7th – 25th June Cost € 95.00

@ The Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies
Sunday 9th June 10am – 6pm
This workshop is for Medicine Wheel Students & Shamanic Practitioners of Andean Shamanism
Please remember to bring your Mesa.
Cost € 150.00. Light vegetarian lunch provided.

@ Cuskinny Court, Cobh
Friday 21st ( 10am ) – Sunday 23rd ( 5pm )
This event will be hosted by Don Sebastian & Rajinder Singh. This three day residential event will focus on understanding & developing a deeper understanding of our purpose and our connection to all life. Guided Meditations, Fire ceremonies, Despacho ceremonies and deeper work for Mesa carriers will take place. No previous experience in this work is required, just an open heart. Warm comfortable clothing as well as rain gear and outdoor boots/wellingtons boots is recommended.
Cost € 295.00 includes vegetarian food & accommodation. Deposit of € 100.00 ( non refundable ) is required by May 31st to ensure a place. Depending on numbers you may be required to share the room with one other person.


For additional info please contact Rajinder on 087 9894200
All events are pre booked & prepaid (non refundable)

Munay Centre of Shamanic Studies
15, Bridge street, Cork, Ireland

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