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From Entrepreneurship to Spiritual Exploration, Finding the Balance

by Patrick
balance in business and spiritual

Finding the whole picture in more than one place

Picture this… a confident 19-year-old approaches a landlady who had a shop premises for rent.  He had no money, no stock, no fancy business plan, just an overwhelming belief that if he could open a business in the space it would all work out. The landlady said “Yes” and the first 24-hour supermarket in Dublin was born.

balance in business and spiritual

Since then, David Ellis has opened and managed many businesses, shops, restaurants and hotels. The journey has been an interesting one with many successes, some failures, and a few twists along the way. His work as a personal trainer brought him into the realm of the physical, and taught him the importance of nurturing our bodies as a support for all the other work we do. When his father died, the path took another twist as David commenced his spiritual journey and discovered hypnosis, crystals, colour therapy, etc.

Now life is about balance. “I’ve realised that everything in the entrepreneurial world is not the whole picture, and having spent 14 years in the spiritual world, that’s not the whole picture either.” Today, for David, life and living is about employing all the tools he has gathered, and using those tools with integrity and without attachment. His work in Atlantis Crystals is about coaching people to reach their full potential for themselves, their relationships, their businesses and careers.

“In order to succeed, we need to have joy and happiness in our lives, but sometimes we need someone objective to help us see what we cannot see in ourselves.”


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