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Dealing with Break Ups in a Whole New Way – Amantha Murphy

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Relationships ending can be difficult, especially when it’s with someone with whom we’ve been very close, shared dreams and hopes with and imagined a future together.

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Our souls choose the teachings we need in order to grow and often our greatest growth can come through our personal, intimate relationships. Yet we still need to deal with the pain, hurt and anger when these relationships come to an end.

We need to recognise the deep effect this has upon us, on so many levels. This is where a ‘Separation Ritual’ can be so powerful in bringing closure to the relationship. I create a sacred space, where the couple comes together in ceremony to release, recognise and acknowledge the roles each took in the other’s life.

I hold the space for the couple, first to talk and then release, the dreams that they each had shared and worked upon, both in the partnership and that each had held for the other; moving on to thanking each other, for the lessons and the gifts that they had brought to one another.

I have found, over the years, that sharing this Rite of Passage with either one, or hopefully both partners of the relationship, gives each the opportunity to recognise the cycle of birth, growth and death within the relationship and from this, many have found they can grow and move on, conscious of what they no longer need to carry forward into future relationships. I offer this as a new Rite of Passage which is sorely needed for heart-healing.

Amantha Murphy, Ancient Irish Shaman, Healer & Seer


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