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Get That Healing Feeling, Fresh New Approaches to Health in Ireland

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healing feeling

That Healing Feeling

healing feeling

A fresh approach to health

It’s the perfect time of year for reflection. How are you doing? How are you feeling? What’s working for you and what might be holding you back? In reflection, we may discover indicators that are telling us to allow ourselves some space and time for healing. It’s an opportunity to move forward to new solutions and can be an empowering step in our path. The healing spaces we give ourselves can be enhanced and even super-boosted by the right therapy, the right therapist or the right environment, so we’ve selected some you may have never even heard of, for your fresh, new approach to health.

The INDIGO System: Science Meets Consciousness, By Shirley Tutty

After an intensive Masters, I was burnt out; not even able to raise my head off the pillow to lift a glass of water. My quality of life and well-being took a turn for the worse. I heard about a sophisticated, energetic medicine system called the INDIGO or SCIO (Scientific Conscious Interface Operation Device) and decided to receive treatments. Within a short space of time, my energy levels and ability to function had increased. In fact, it happened so fast and so intensely that I said to myself , “I am going to work with that system!” Within a year, and due to divine providence, I was training in Budapest.

I was fascinated with the raison d’etre of the system. Professor Bill Nelson; the man behind the system and also behind the navigation system for the Apollo space project, had turned his talents to health when he saw his son retreating into the world of autism. Nelson developed and integrated the sciences of mathematics, quantum physics, fractal dynamics, subspace theory, electronics, and computer programming into the device and his great work was successful in reversing many of his son’s symptoms.

The system he developed is a unique, synergistic perspective to natural healing with; naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic and energetic medicine, aromatherapy, reflexology, colour therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, biofeedback and the rife resonator, all incorporated into one therapeutic approach.

www.qxsubspace.com | thebrighterworld@gmail.com

Ayurveda C Spa: Rest, Renew, Rejuvenate, By Shelly O’Halloran

Ayurveda C Spa

At the foothills of Croagh Patrick, on the shore of Clew Bay lies a little taste of India. Ayurveda by C Spa at the Atlantic Carlton Coast Hotel houses one of the most idyllic settings to rest, renew and rejuvenate. Dr. Thomas and his team bring their knowledge of Ayurveda from its birthplace in India and it adds a new dimension to the spa experience. The facilities create an intimate warmth allowing you to explore your current state and the staff ensure that every effort is made to assist you with everything; from warm smiles to warm teas.

A consultation prior to treatment allows for exploration into your constitution, or ‘prakriti’, which is described by three main forces: Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water). Knowing this can help bring you balance and optimal health. The perfect treatments can then be prescribed, along with advice on the best food and lifestyle tips for you.

I had the pleasure of receiving Padaghata, which involved my gifted therapist engaging in a balancing act to provide a full body massage with her feet! As dubious as I may have been on hearing this, it could not have been more amazing, with more depth that a deep-tissue massage but without the discomfort those can sometimes bring. This was followed by a Mukhalepam facial. This included the application of specialised ingredients as a face pack, kept moist by a luxurious and continuous spray of rose water.

Upon leaving, I was provided with a printed summary of my consultation and home care advice along with the remaining face pack powder empowering me to bring the experience home. I would highly recommend it to rediscover a revived you.


Magnified Healing®: Gentle, Loving Energy, By James Hayes

Magnified healing® is a healing of much beauty. It has a gentle, loving energy yet is still extremely powerful. I found Magnified Healing® through their website. When reading about it, my soul felt a huge connection and I felt guided to complete Phase one. It has made such a difference to my life and spiritual path, helping me stand into my inner power, express myself more and become who I wanted to be. Physically, it has helped the alignment of my spine, nervous system and chakras.

This unique and special form of healing was transmitted in 1983 by Lady Master Kwan Yin to Rev. Gisele King and Rev. Kathryn Anderson. It’s used by Ascended Masters and was given to earth as a gift. It focuses on activating the threefold flame in the heart, the lightbody and all your strands of DNA.

The process of Magnified Healing® is a 5th dimensional, all-encompassing modality and offers wonderful ways to help you integrate the current influx of energies coming through. It incorporates techniques such as affirmations, movements, breath work, taking the Magnified Healing® essence and using principles of sacred geometry

When initiated to the energy, you co-create, rather than channel it, making you an integral part of the process. When carrying out healing on others, you are a facilitator helping that person on their journey. The client is actively involved through many techniques and then continues on their path.


Dervish Homeopathy Co-op: The Journey Home, By Helen Sherry

homeopathy co-op

We are a homeopathy co-op and you’ll find us inside a shop in Dublin called ‘Dervish’. We are seven and very new; we were only born during the Summer. At our launch party, we dressed up as the seven chakras, sang songs with many friends and had our silk ribbon cut to the sounds of vibrant drumming!

Our group came together a synchronistic way. One person had the idea and made a few phone calls. Then, as if through magnetic force, co-op members started to cluster; some on impulse, some by chance and others through friendship but all of us driven by joy, a sense of adventure and a shared desire to practice our empathic way of healing; homeopathy.

There are many definitions for homeopathy, a nice, simple one is to explain it as a process to stimulate the body to heal itself through the use of ‘remedies’ derived from recognisable energy patterns in nature deemed ‘similar’ to our own.

In broader sense, homeopathy is about people coming together, sharing trust and hope. When this happens in a safe space, we end up making a twofold (patient and therapist) progress on the most exciting journey of all, our journey back home, the journey back to yourself. Like the whirling dervish spinning vitality, when we encounter homeopathic healing, we find it stirring masks and stagnant energies away. We find that we get healthier, and ultimately closer to our life’s purpose, our true selves and the ones we love.

If you are passing by come in for a chat. We love to make new friends.


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