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Get the Love Back Into Your (Love) Life, By Mick Sawtell

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get the love back

Get the Love Back Into Your (Love) Life

By Mick Sawtell

get the love back

Slow down your love-making

Whether we’re single or in a relationship, we may be feeling alone, wondering, “Where did the Love go?” It didn’t ‘go’ anywhere. Disappointments gradually close our heart until we cant feel it anymore – the focus ending up on everything but the love, leaving us hurt, closed and avoiding intimacy. When we fell in love, we were open and honest. We need to focus on the heart again and not the problems. A great way to re-connect with the heart is with a Tantric Massage.

Relationships are rarely smooth all the time but the upsets mirror where we’re at emotionally as individuals. Instead of trying to blame and change our partner, we can recognise that our reactions usually spring from our own past. Healing personal issues and feeling good about ourselves is essential to truly love another.

There is no way that love can flow in a dishonest environment; the heart wont let it! Conscious, emotional honesty is essential.

Try slowing down during Love-Making, feel into our own and our partner’s heart, take the focus away from orgasm and feel the beautiful, loving connection.

Men, the most powerful wisdom on how to love your partner more is to practise the ancient art of non-ejaculation! Ladies, I’m sure you know how intense a man’s love is for you as he approaches orgasm, yet a few moments later he barely wants to talk, while you’re still in that precious openness…help him learn how to control his ejaculation and he will stay with the love. In fact, he will still adore you the next morning!

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