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We’ve got the Juice on the Latest Pop-Up in Dublin

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cold pressed

Ness Drinks, They’ve Got the Juice

Elva Carri

cold pressed

Ness Juice is run by Jim and Daniel. They’re passionate about details and asking questions and that’s how they found out about slow press juicing and blending and got really, really good at it. Feeling the benefits of creating new juices for themselves every day drove their taste for it all, until one day, Ness Drinks was born. Now they get to share the good stuff with you.

Because of the slow press method, juices produced are healthier and more nutritious than your average press. It gets every drop of vitality out of the fruit and veggies and squeezes it all into one tasty beverage. Ness Juices are also ahead of the rest because they’ve added superfoods and leafy greens. The method is science, the flavours and taste combinations, an art form. I went in and had ‘The Limo’ – apple, strawberry, lemon and fresh mint and it was like drinking the prettiest garden you’ve ever seen and smelled. Amazing.

You can find The Juicery popping up for two months from the 13th of January in the Fumbally Exchange, 5 Dame Lane in Dublin 2.

ness juices

As they make different combinations every day, follow them on Twitter or Facebook for mouth watering updates. You can find their website here.

And we recommend you learn the lyrics to this to sing when you pop in.

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