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Life Starts & Ends in Bed, By Kris Deva North and Anamarta

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love and relationships

Life Starts & Ends in Bed

By Kris Deva North and Anamarta

love and relationships

Taoist practices.

“If you want to understand the business of life, then you need to examine the business of where life starts and where life ends…the business of the bedchamber.” – Taoist Classics: Art of the Bedchamber.

The Taoists of ancient China considered sex healthy, fun and serious business. Four thousand years before Masters and Johnson, they observed how some of us become aroused quickly, others more slowly. So they developed secret practices to harmonise the different cycles of arousal, to enjoy longer and more pleasurable sexual encounters, and all without losing energy; for everyone to become a more effective lover.

Like us, in our modern world and its stress, they were aware that you don’t want to create life whenever you have sex. While those wise old sages may not have heard that women are born with between four hundred and six hundred eggs, or men create enough sperm to repopulate North America with a single ejaculation, they did understand how, by avoiding energy loss, we can divert this power to enhance our own life, to create, and live to the full, the life we want.

Taoist holistic practice engages the mind, body and spirit to reflect the harmony of our inner universe in the outer world. Merging qigong, meditation, sexual and shamanic practice, by channeling through the Microcosmic Orbit, we learn to project the most powerful energy of creation, to attain goals, realise dreams; even for spiritual development, to come by the short path to enlightenment, in and out of bed.

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