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Lovers for Life, By Natasha Tighe, “Men are not just hairy women.”

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Lovers for Life

By Natasha Tighe

Passion and intimacy

Men are not just hairy women.

Afraid of your own shadow? What if I told you it’s the gateway to intimacy? Because it contains all of our repressed and forbidden desires. When we reclaim these lost parts of ourselves, and better yet, deploy the courage to share with another, that’s where the healing occurs and true intimacy is revealed. It is this primordial yearning to be claimed, that drives most human interaction.

Like any game of life, there are rules, know the rules and you can win the game. Men are not just hairy women, they’re radically different to us. For men to feel loved, they must feel respected and significant. Women need a sense of appreciation and safety.

For true intimacy to occur there must be love and passion. Love, being a light emotion, requires a sense of certainty and similarities, whereas passion embraces our dark and stems more from uncertainty and differences.

One of my wedding vows was, “I promise to be everything a wife should be, and shouldn’t be.” So, take a deep breath, join with mother nature and delve into our depths shifting from light to dark. As the pulsing masculine energy of power and presence joins forces with the feminine response of receptivity and expansiveness, the dance of opposing energies emerges. This intimates, entices and locks in the highest potency that two human beings can achieve together. It is this communion with source that is the ultimate intimacy.


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