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Positive Vibes Nurturable November: Lovely Events, films, Recommendations and more!

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Nurturable November! Samhain just recently ended which means the start of the harvest season and the beginning of the winter. During this time we focus on taking care of our bodies, minds and spirits, recovering from our buzzling summers and getting ready for the action packed December. It is a cosy time when we welcome the chilly wind and a warm cup of tea. In this edition we bring you plenty of suggestions and ideas to pamper & nourish every aspect of yourselves! We are including our upcoming and very special Positive Nights event; great reads and films; healthy foods and wonderful courses for an even more amazing you!

Positive Nights Presents Teal Swan: Raise Your Vibration


Date: FRIDAY November 11th, 2016

Place: Powerscourt Theater, Powerscourt Centre, Dublin 2

We are honoured & excited to welcome Teal Swan to our Positive Nights stage! Our evening with her will have an intimate feeling. Starting with a conversation between Paul and Teal in which we will get to know a lot more about her and how we can bring out our most positive intentions. After a short break, we will have an interactive Q&A for you the audience so we can collectively keep the positivity flowing. To end we will have a special guided meditation with Teal.

Check Teal’s video on Raising your vibration here

If you would like to book, please visit here for more info or email us at positivenights@gmail.com, or simply prepay via PayPal to the same email, positivenights@gmail.com

Your Happy Food Place


Happy Food Restaurant We absolutely love this place! With amazing presentation, delicious food, and a wonderful electic vibe, these guys are improving people’s life in all ways! They provide gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan food in Dublin’s City Centre. Visit and try their Thai Curry, it is simply gorgeous! Hats off to Matt and Lenka, and all the team.

Visit their site for more info and check it out, we promise it will be worth it!

One Stop for Great Food

Vegetables isolated on wooden background

Soulbia online shop. This amazing site is filled with great Irish products.In their own words : “a business brought to you by love, a love of finding good food and a love of telling people about it.”Delicious products like their flavour packed Organic Vegetable Bouillon, their Vanilla Quinoa Granola or their delicious sugar free preserves are all irish & organically produced.
Check out their great site here.

Eat Right & Be Healthy with Rosanna Davison


Eat Yourself Fit it’s the next book by nutritional therapist, Rosanna Davison. The book contains over 100 powerful recipes that complement and enhance your fitness routine, a sample diet, exercise plans and tricks to keep you motivated. Everything you need to look and feel your very best.

Click here to check this new book and more about Rosanna!

Film: Milton’s Secret


Milton’s Secret. “When life gets heavy, find a better way to carry it.” This is a transformational movie! It is based on Eckhart Tolle’s book of the same name. It’s the beautiful story of an 11 year old who’s life changes for the better by the visit of his very special grandfather. The film is one of many from the visionary mind of Barnet Bain (director of What Dream’s May Come).

Pure Magic…

You can host a viewing, purchase the film and learn more here.

Take Back Your Power

strong confident woman open arms to sunrise at sea

Armoin programmes. They focus on improving your relationship with food to allow you to have a better attitude and mindset around it. This will, in time, improve your habits and allow you to have a more positive view of nutrition and health. The courses are ongoing throughout the year.
Check dates, availability and more information here

Our Suggestion: Nature Walks


Did you know that new studies show trees release an aerosol which is absorbed into our bloodstream , making us feel nicely chilled and calm? That explains that wonderful feeling after a day walking in the mountains or the beach, taking in all that wonderful fresh air! So go ahead, grab winter by the short and curlies, walk with chums, and end the day with a cosy read by the fire some tasty tea or a hot chocolate. Enveloped by a feeling of happiness!

Perfect day!


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