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Jazzy June! The festival season is here! We are slowly moving towards the Summer: Planned holidays & the smell of a BBQ are in the air. There is a vibe of summer love and making new friends, being in nature and listening to wonderful music. We love this time! Our incredible bumper issue for Positive Life is out now and we have so many gems! An incredible interview with Eckhart Tolle, the majestic Deva Premal, an exclusive with Brain and meditation expert Dr. Joe Dispenza, a super interview with Kryon’s Lee Carroll and as usual a lot more wonderful content for you all! This month, we have an amazing list of recommendations for you including Positive Nights events, EarthFest, competitions, retreats and more! If you don’t want to miss out on our fabulous Summer magazine edition or any of our next editions, Sign up here to get  a hot copy in your postbox!

Cover image Summer 2017

Chilling with CBD Tea!


RecoveryCBD Sometimes we all need to sit back and chill out with a cup of tea. So why not relax and enjoy their refreshing, mood-enhancing CBD Tea? Recovery will deliver it to your door, one bag of their Chill the Feck Out CDB Tea is sold in loose leaves and is all you need to take it easy and  enjoy a cuppa!

Check them out here!

Positive Nights event: Astral Travel, a talk with Crotalo Sesamo

Crotalo Sesamo Image Damanhur

An evening of adventure! This evening we will welcome, Astral Traveller Crotalo Sesamo coming straight from the wonderful community Damanhur to our stage! If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible for your consciousness to exit the physical body and travel to other dimensions of reality, this is The Positive Nights for you.

Click here to learn more and book your tickets!

Simply a Great Health Store

Natural medicine

Down to Earth Simply Ireland’s legendary health store located at South Great Georges Street, Dublin. They supply a comprehensive range of health food supplements, vitamins, organic foods and aromatherapy oils. They also stock natural cosmetics not tested on animals and environmentally friendly household products.

But its the character and vibe we love, pop in:

Check out their amazing range here!

Positive Nights: Astrological Guidance with Virgo Queen

Virgo Queen

Date: Friday, June 9th, 2017

The Powerscourt Theatre, Dublin 2

On this evening we welcome Astrology expert Virgo Queen. Astrology is the study of light and the path we follow to return home. In Natal Astrology, we look at the SOUL MAP of each individual, why they came here and how they evolve, guiding them through their hero’s journey. Virgo Queen has agreed to check a few Birth or Natal charts that evening for some of the audience members. If you want your chart to be done that evening, please send us an email to positivenights@gmail.com with your date, location and time of birth so she can have them ready.

Click here to learn more & to book your place! 

Stay tuned on our FB page & our website for more info on our amazing event coming Thursday, June 15th with the screening of ‘Meetings with Ivor’!

Apricot Kernels & their amazing properties!


An apricot kernel is a single seed found inside the stone of an apricot. We heard they are incredible and a delicious superfood that boosts Immunity, relieves pain, lowers high blood pressure and has detox-enhancing properties.

You can pick them up at The Hopsack and give them a try!

Irish Apple Cider Vinegar!

apple cider vinegar

Ballyhoura Irish Apple Cider Vinegar raw with the “Mother Culture” unpasteurised, unfiltered, naturally antibiotic & antibacterial. There are plenty of known benefits attributed to this product: Reduces Blood pressure, it can assist to balance your PH and much more.

SO get drinking this ,   the Apple Cider Vinegar from the 100% Irish Ballyhoura Apple Farm.

Hawaiian Retreat!

Hawaii, Rainbow Falls in Hilo. Wailuku River State Park

The Lemurian Wisdom Retreats on the Big Island, Hawaii, offer a unique opportunity to integrate the ancient technique of Pineal Toning, which takes us back to our full human potential of the past and propels us to new heights in our development. Groups ranging from 12 to 30 participants.

Amazing chance to connect with nature on a beautiful island!

Check more info, how to book and the full schedule here!

Earth Fest Ireland 2017!

Earth fest event

We are giving away two tickets for this beautiful event! Simply share this post on your Facebook or Twitter page and tag @positivelifemag so we know!

Earth Fest 2017 

Date: 9-11th June

Location: Shalvanstown Organic Farm, near Slane Castle, Co. Meath, Ireland

Bring your new Earth ideas, dreams & projects,, your music instruments & art, your songs (even if you are shy, bring it anyway, you never know!), traditional communal games, poetry & stories, your skills to share (we have healers team, eco-team, kids team) and stuff to sell & exchange for Sunday market (your crafts).


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