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Learn to Manage Your Wellbeing at Work With This Beautiful Retreat

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Dzogchen Beara, a stunning Tibetan Buddhist retreat centre in Co. Cork, is offering a special retreat weekend from Friday May the 18th to Sunday May the 20th with Maureen Cooper, a meditation teacher and the founder of Awareness in Action. The title of the retreat is ’10 Ways to Wellbeing at Work’. Maureen will be offering guidance on how you can cultivate a sense of tranquillity and ease in your working life.


Our careers are major components of our everyday lives, and our attitudes and sense of wellbeing at work have a huge knock-on effect on our overall sense of happiness. As a highly experienced professional coach, mentor and meditation teacher, Maureen is passionate about addressing and resolving the cause of stress that can come up in our working lives. She wants to ensure that you leave Dzogchen Beara recharged and renewed, with a selection of 10 easy-to-practice methods of caring for your wellbeing at work.

Those who have visited the tranquil setting of Dzogchen Beara before (and witnessed its spectacular ocean views) will be well aware of the amazing impact that its environment can have on your state of mind. To arrive in Dzogcehn Beara is to leave something of your worries and problems behind.

It is the perfect place to take time out, explore the ways in which you approach your work, and identify where your working habits are causing frustration and stress. During the retreat weekend with Maureen, participants will explore ten comprehensive ways to enhance their wellbeing at work.

A wide array of meditation and compassion techniques will be utilised to help participants reassess how they are working and reconnect with what is truly important to them: the reasons they originally chose their career path to begin with. They will also look at compelling scientific research to back up the explorations that will be undertaken during the weekend.

A personal workbook will be provided to each participant. The relaxed weekend schedule will also allow each participant ample time for space and time for discussion, interaction, and quiet contemplation.

The retreat begins on Friday the 18th of May at 8 p.m. and ends on Sunday the 20th of May at 4 p.m. Dzogchen Beara’s website is dzogchenbeara.org. The booking link for the weekend retreat with Maureen Cooper is available here.

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