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Health, Wellbeing and Natural Therapies Expo to Hit Dublin Next Week

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Health, Wellbeing and Natural Therapies Expo to Hit Dublin Next Week

Keen to learn about new holistic therapies, book a psychic reading, or receive some much-needed healing, all under one roof? If so, the Health, Wellbeing and Natural Therapies Expo is for you. On Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th, Hall 4 in the RDS, Dublin, will be buzzing with the many talks, workshops and special events of this wonderful Expo, including a visit from the famous “gazing guru”, Braco. To learn more, visit the website or Facebook page of Body Mind Soul Events. You can book your tickets through this link.

Health, Wellbeing and Natural Therapies Expo to Hit Dublin Next Week

The aim of the Health, Wellbeing and Natural Therapies Expo is to empower people to understand how they can care for their health in the most positive way possible. On the Body Mind Soul Events website, the organisers explain the intricate connections between our bodies, minds and souls, and how they influence our overall well-being:

There are components of the body, mind and soul that contribute to the flow of energy at each level. And there are ‘bridging mechanisms’ which contribute to the overall balance and flow of energy between each level. In other words, there are things that we do in each moment that facilitate or go against our natural flow.

The body, our outer shell, is a product of both the mind and soul and how it is cared for on a daily basis. The body’s magic formula for survival –sleep, diet, environment and exercise – can be used to prolong life or shorten it. 

The next level is the mind, the interactive mechanism between the body and soul. The mind registers and filters emotion (the language of the soul) and registers nerve impulses generated by the body. The degree of communication between the body and mind, and soul and mind depends on your ability to manipulate your mind to work for you. When the mind is functioning as intended, it is self-aware, focused and quiet as required. So the mind has two choices: to block out sensation or to listen to it. If the mind is smart, it listens.

The soul is ultimately responsible for giving the body its life force. In subtle ways, it guides and directs our behaviour and actions in the physical form. When the soul chooses to leave the physical body, the body perishes. The soul is driven by wisdom, love and universal service.

The Health, Wellbeing and Natural Therapies Expo is set to be a truly heart-expanding and enlightening weekend, with something for everyone. Body Mind Soul Events report that “the energy emanating from our events is always amazing and many have commented in the past of how good it made them feel.”

The Expo is set to take place in Hall 4 of the RDS, Dublin, from 10.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. on Saturday the 28th, and 10.30 a.m. to 6.oo p.m. on Sunday the 29th of April. Go to their website or Facebook page to learn more.

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