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Returning to Our Natural Resonance: The FAB Approach to Health

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In a world filled with distractions, what can we do to stay healthy? Bioenergy and frequency pioneer Paulette Agnew shares her tips for enjoying a healthy, vibrant life. This article is taken from our Autumn 2018 issue. Subscribe here to receive a copy of the magazine direct to your door, or check your local stockist.


Returning to Our Natural Resonance

The FAB Approach to Health

by Paulette Agnew

My FAB Health book exposes a successful new emerging healing paradigm using Frequency and Bioenergy (FAB) devices and practices. For too long, general science has led us to believe that our bodies and our environment are just bundles of molecules and that when this biochemical mix becomes sick, it has nothing to do with us. The reality is, we are living in a sea of energy, light and interconnected consciousness, emitted and absorbed by all things. The future of our world and our own wellness lies directly at our doorstep.

The FAB Health book came about due to my experience with chronic Lyme disease. Ten years of misdiagnosis and debilitating symptoms had brought me to my knees. Cardiac problems, semi paralysis, memory loss, chronic fatigue, arthritis, hair loss, insomnia, depression … the list was endless. A barrage of pharmaceutical antibiotic drugs is the normal approach, but research reveals that many of the thousands of people who are given this treatment never fully recover. Instead, FAB medicine rebuilt my battered body, initiating a deep desire to find out why it works and share it with all of you!

So what can we do to stay healthy?

Light is key. Biophotons emit both information and energy. Molecules and cells require both to function and we get this from being outside in natural daylight. Modern comfort-based lifestyles are a trap. Living inside at work, school, shopping malls, and even transport reduces our time in nature, where we should be absorbing those vital photons.

Get grounded. Throw off those shoes, feel the earth beneath your feet as often as possible, and a stream of electrons will flow up through and into the connective tissue. We need abundant electrons to fight free radicals and transport energy throughout the body.

Hydrate. Alkalised water, such as Kangen water, helps the body to fight off acidity caused by stress. Get a water device for your home. By drinking enough water, (not beer, tea or cola) the cells can flush out toxins which impair normal healthy cell function.

Detox, detox, detox! The body is like a spaceship, full of trillions of individual cells. Each one requires good nutrition in and waste out. Exercise, fasting, correct diet and saunas are just a few of the simple, fun and inexpensive ways to help yourself.

Last but not least, electromagnetic smog, from mobile phones, masts, computers, WiFi, 4G, 5G, etc, are all propelling unnatural frequencies into our cells, disturbing our healthy frequencies and correct cellular communication. It is now essential to protect yourself and your home/workplace from those things that disrupt our natural bioenergetic pathways. One company called Bioprotective Systems have gadgets that can be attached to phones, modems etc. I personally use the BICOM bioresonance device for diagnosis and treatment with my clients. I also use the CoRe Inergetix to run a full health scan on my non-local international clients.

Welcome to a new world of healing – yet the oldest on the planet – where you are not a victim of illness, but a co-creator in your recovery and personal awakening journey.

Paulette’s Tips for a Healthy Life

•Walk barefoot in nature – allow the Earth to nourish you

•Drink alkalised water – Kangen water is a good example of this

•Exercise regularly – yoga, Chi Gong or walking are all powerful forms of exercise you can try

•Protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic frequencies with bioprotective devices

•Eat nutritious, organic food

•Use natural skin products to reduce the body’s chemical load

For more information on diagnosis and treatments with Paulette, the devices and to order FAB Health go to: fabhealthbook.com

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