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It’s time for our Winter Vibes roundup! This selection of amazing holistic products, services, events and news appeared in our Winter 2018/19 issue. If you haven’t yet seen the magazine, click here to find your nearest stockist, or here to subscribe and receive a copy direct to your door.

Winter Vibes

“Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn / anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.”

David Whyte

Winter Preservation

With eleven species of organically-grown mushrooms, Bio-defense capsules are at the ready to super-charge your immunity this winter. Super-powers like aiding recovery from viral and bacterial infections, and invigorating the cardio-vascular system, make these little capsules a great way to fortify your winter defences.

Pure Mineral

PrizMAGs’ Magnesium supplement with calcium has something worth boasting about – it’s the only magnesium supplement on the market without the bulky fillers that cause stomach upsets. You’ll be counting your zzz’s in no time with this easily absorbed, side-effect free, wonder of the magnesium world.


Winter Abundance
Stock up on a wealth of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants throughout the winter months with a daily dose of organic Aloe Arborescens Juice. Your skin and your immune system will thank you for it!


Scents of the Season

Light up the darkness and call in the wonderment of the season with Emma’s So naturals, winter edition, spiced orange soy candles. Woody, warm, sweet and spiced, you’ll soon be in the mood for all things nice! Check out Emma’s website for more seasonal fragrances.

Home-made hemp

Get your hemp fix this winter at The Hemp Kitchen on Capel Street. Try their delicious hemp-heart, superfood truffles, hemp-milk egg nog or take a swig of their roasted hemp seed and Sumatra coffee. And if it takes your fancy, why not check out their DIY hemp milk kits.

Vegan Heaven

What began as a mobile food-truck, feeding vegan fare to hungry masses of festival-goers, has now transformed into an inspired, fun and colourful, vegan-cuisine restaurant in Ranelagh. It’s The Garden of Vegan, a vegan’s paradise.

Homage to the Divine Feminine

Moon Mna have created a way for you to honour, empower and nurture your inner feminine force, through their beautifully illustrated, Celtic Moon Diary. A constellation of heart-warming women’s stories, Celtic Goddesses, self-care tips and affirmations adorn each page.

Freeze-dried Delights

Chocolate modeller Vera O’Sullivan has recently added to her array of creative baking and eating possibilities. You can now add a topping of summer to your hearty winter porridge with her freeze-dried fruit range. And there’s no added sugar, additives or preservatives. Just pure fruit-jewels.


Gut-health Guru

Wanting to understand, once and for all, the whys, hows and wherefores of the ever-mentioned ‘gut health’? Check out Frances Flannery’s Ultimate Guide to Functional Gut Health, for an intrepid journey of discovery into the magic of your gut. Available on Amazon.

Shine in the dark

Hearth of Yoga

In the newly established Yoga Kitchen in the heart of the Liberties, you’ll find a variety of yoga dishes to delight the senses, from Prenatal to Vinyasa, slow-flow and yin. And the vision pulsating at the centre of it all is “[the] intention to embody the warm hearth of the Irish kitchen where the door is always open and a welcome waiting.”

Thrive Alive

For two days, across five floors, thousands of people will gather at the Thrive Festival 2019 to celebrate, discover and learn new ways to experience better health. The folks at Thrive have gathered a team of professionals to guide you along the path of embracing new means of living a healthier life.

Rock in the New Year

The Pendulum Summit looks seriously cool this year, with the main man himself Colin Farrell as one of the main speakers, along with Basil Fawlty, aka John Cleese. This is a rocking event to start your new year. Read all about it here – and don’t miss our competition on Facebook, where we are giving away a free ticket!

Beacon of Positivity

Our New Year series of Positive Nights will inject your heart, mind and soul with rays of inspiration, upliftment and enchantment. Join in the wisdom-sharing and connect with like-hearted individuals.

Flair for Health

The Art of Eating is a health store full of character and craic, run by Wenmi Mohaci and the brilliant Betty – ask for her if you pop in. They’ll take care of all your health-food needs plus you’ll find a variety of classes from mindfulness to Tai chi on offer, to get you moving this winter.


Picture of Health

Keep the rose in your cheeks this winter and check out the Whole Health Centre’s gold-standard array of remedies, health foods, cosmetics and on site health and holistic practitioners. Keep an eye out on Facebook for their pop up events and healthy tips too.


Haven of Compassion

Ireland’s first Tibetan Buddhist temple is being built in West Cork. With a planned finish date in 2020, the temple at Dzogchen Beara will be a place for practitioners of the Buddhist teachings of wisdom and compassion, and for meditation retreats and seminars that welcome people of all spiritual traditions. To learn more, or to donate and have your name included in the temple visit:


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