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We Recommend: Judith McAdam’s ‘Deliberately Create Your Own Reality’ Workshops

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We are very excited to share the details of a brand-new workshop programme from Judith McAdam, our much-loved collaborator, columnist, holistic coach and author of The Source. She has designed an amazing programme called ‘Deliberately Create Your Own Reality’, which aims to help participants powerfully bring their heart’s desires into their lived reality. Read on to see what Judith has to say about it!

Module 1 of 3

Beginners – SUNDAY, MARCH 10TH

Investment: €150 for 1 module or Package Deal of €400 for 3 modules

This is my promise to you…

It is possible to deliberately create what you desire in life. There are people actually doing it all the time. You are an integral part of the universe and have access to infinite intelligence constantly. You have an energetic, mental and emotional reality and not just a physical reality. Within you is where the divine and human meet. This union between the divine and human within is where your desires are conceived. Your desires are nurtured in your mind and are borne out into physical reality. You have a personal purpose and a higher purpose in this lifetime. You are continuously channeling energy. Everything you want is available to you. You just need to know how to access it and I can show you how!

In this workshop, I offer you the seven principles I apply to my own life and those of all my clients. They can work for anything you desire: happiness and health, a family, a relationship, success in business or creating money in your life the list is endless.

The 7 principles I will be outlining to you on the workshop are;

1     CONNECT TO SOURCE ENERGY: Acknowledging who you really are and embracing the fact that you are inextricably linked to infinite intelligence and are part of the field of pure potential.

2     ALIGNMENT: Learning how to access and direct your own subconscious mind using the tool of the Inner Child while tuning yourself into Source Energy and your desires.

3     FEELING AND KNOWING: Using your intuition and creating positive loops in your life.

4     DECISIONS AND EXPECTATIONS: Making f*ck it decisions and becoming consciously aware of the power of positive choices.

5     MOMENTUM: Stepping through your fears and consciously creating positive momentum.

6     RECEIVING: Ask and it is given – receiving spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

7     RETURN TO SOURCE ENERGY: Staying aligned, accessing your personal and higher purpose and the collective consciousness.

These seven principles will give you everything you need to start creating your own reality. They lead you to fulfill your personal purpose. Then when your basic human needs are being met you are free to pursue your higher purpose in life (but that is for another workshop)!

Module 2 of 3

Intermediate – SUNDAY, APRIL 28TH

Investment: €150 for 1 module or Package Deal of €400 for 3 modules

Please note: This workshop is available to all those who have completed the Beginners Workshop or anyone who has worked with me already.

I will explain what this workshop is all about using a metaphor or a little story, keeping in mind this will make much more sense to you after you have completed The Beginners’ Deliberately Create Your Own Reality Workshop

Deliberately creating is a bit like learning to drive a car. If you only have one driving lesson and do not practice, you can’t expect to drive the car proficiently. In the time between the Beginners’ Deliberately Create Workshop and the Intermediate Workshop, you will have had plenty of opportunity to practice and use all the tools I gave you. This means you will have increased the positive momentum around yourself and your desires. Again, it will make more sense after the Beginners’ workshop.

Let me bring you back to the car metaphor. After the Beginners’ Workshop you will have a better idea of how to start the car and drive a little before you conk out again. In other words, you will have started the process of Deliberately Creating, albeit tentatively. Equally, you will have left the Beginners’ workshop on a high, practiced for a few days or weeks, got a taste of what’s to come, loved it, then probably fallen back into old patterns a bit. This is normal and this is why it is so important that you continue your quest, because it is really worth it, once you get the hang of it.

Go back to the car metaphor: after the Intermediate Workshop, you will be able to drive around the block without cutting out, and maybe even tackle a roundabout or two. In other words, as you come up against obstacles in your life, you will be able to stay aligned, stepping forward and through your fears all the time. You may even land a few of your desires quickly, as this can often be the case depending on the different stages people are at.  

I am here for YOU, to give YOU all the support YOU need.  Everyone is at different stages with totally different things going on in their lives. It is not a race and everyone is able to Deliberately Create – because you are doing it anyway, but in unawareness, that’s all. After the Beginner’s Workshop, I will have familiarised myself with you, your energy and what you want to create. I will be able to tune into you (you will also be able to tune into me as your intuitive powers are gaining momentum) and guide you as you step forward on this wonderful journey.

Here is just some of the things you will absorb from this Intermediate Workshop:

–          You will open further to Source Energy and use this connection, in conjunction with your chakras and your own subconscious mind, learning how powerful you are and how to direct your mind more consciously.

–          You will learn how to create broad focus and intense focus.

–          You will learn how to create momentum faster around your desires, using your F’ck It Decisions and the tools of meditation, breath work, your inner child, visualisation and powerful journaling techniques. 

–          You will learn how to walk through your fear and create new loops or neural pathways in your mind – after all, ‘ask and it is given’ – but once things start opening up, your first reaction may well be to run for the hills with fear.

This is only a fraction of what you will learn. Most importantly, this workshop is a continuum of the Beginners’ Workshop and the momentum you have already created. You are Deliberately Creating a New Reality for yourself. In each workshop, you strengthen this, releasing the fears and old patterning that are holding you back.

I am excited for you and for all the wonderful things to come in your life.

Module 3 of 3

Advanced – SUNDAY, JUNE 9TH

Investment: €150 for 1 module or Package Deal of €400 for 3 modules

This workshop is for those of you who have been either working with me for a long time (you know who you are) or for those who have completed the Beginners’ and Intermediate workshops. 

When you find yourself at this stage, there will be no need for me to explain what it is all about. I am really speaking to your future self and your subconscious mind here, so trust me when I tell you: your subconscious mind knows what you want to create and is guiding you to it. Just follow your intuition and it will guide you. By the time you get to the Advanced Workshop, you will be chomping on the bit to move forward, as you will have seen the powerful results of Deliberately Creating your own reality in your life. 

Advanced is all about pushing out your boundaries even further, as you are completely limitless and there is NO limit as to how far you can take this. You are a powerful co-creator.

What you will learn in the Advanced Deliberately Create Your Own Reality Workshop is:

–          To hone your skills, in every aspect of your life: joy and health, lovers, family, children, friends, career, new businesses and money or whatever else you want to bring in.

–          By now, you will probably be in the middle of landing many new kites and you will not want to stop – believe me.

–          Advanced is ALL about stepping fully into your personal purpose and leading you on into your HIGHER PURPOSE. You can’t step into your Higher Purpose until you have stepped into your personal purpose first.

In the Advanced Workshop, you will make deliberately creating your own reality your predominant way of being. You will be manifesting in conscious awareness. Working with your group in this way adds to your support net work and broadens you even further.

Remember: you are being guided from within. If you are reading this now, you are ready for it. You are ready for big change – make no mistake about that. You can go as fast or as slowly as you like, it is up to you. Just don’t deny it, fight it or procrastinate. Instead, accept it and get excited at the many wonders that lie within you that you haven’t tapped into yet – but you will.

See you there,

Judith. x.

Module 1: Sunday 10th March 10am to 4pm

Location: Radisson Blu St. Helen’s Hotel, Stillorgan Road, Booterstown, Dublin 4

Module 2: Sunday 28th April 10am to 4pm

Location: TBC

Module 3: Sunday June 9th

Location: TBC

Investment: €150 for 1 module or Package Deal of €400 for 3 modules


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