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March Vibes: Spring Forward With These Holistic Highlights

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Magnificent March: Hello, Positive Lifers! Enjoy this collection of fabulous events, products and holistic news we have put together for you this month.

We are excited to announce that our Spring 2019 issue has hit the shelves! The legendary athlete and ‘Iceman’, Wim Hof, graces the cover this time round, sharing the scientifically documented benefits of his Wim Hof Method breathing technique. Also featured are interviews with Kirtan singer Krishna Das and spiritual teacher Devaji, plus oodles of inspirational content from our regular writers. You can pick up your copy of the magazine in one of our many stockists throughout the country, or subscribe here to get the magazine delivered right to your door.

Positive Nights Presents: An Evening With Les Flitcroft

Les Flitcroft is the Director of the Institute for Pranic Healing® UK & Ireland, and we are thrilled to be hosting him at Positive Nights on Thursday March 21st from 7.30 to 9.30 p.m. in Bewley’s Café, 78/79 Grafton Street, Dublin 2. Les is a gifted trainer, presenter, and practitioner of Pranic Healing® modality. He has dedicated his life to teaching and spreading this work to as many people as possible. Click here to learn all about the event and book your tickets.

Presenting TWO Special Events With Krishna Das

Legendary Kirtan singer Krishna Das features in our new magazine … and we couldn’t be happier to announce that he will also be joining us this June for two very special events: an evening of Kirtan singing on Saturday June 15th and a Kirtan workshop on Sunday June 16th. Both events will be taking place in the Griffith Conference Centre, Griffith College, South Circular Road, Dublin 8. For all the details, including how to book, click here.


Celestial Orbs: These Creations Will Blow Your Mind

For a beautiful, unique piece of art with a spiritual twist, look no further than the incredible Water Orbs of Celestial Aquatics. Ruth Le Gear and Graham Reid are the dynamic duo behind the business: Ruth creates water essences, while Graham is a talented glass artist. Ruth has dedicated her life to understanding and communicating with water, and has gone to great lengths to secure the purest essences for Celestial Aquatics’ gorgeous Water Orbs.


Holistic Dentistry: How it Can Help You

We highly recommend the holistic dentist David Hefferon, of Dundrum Dental Surgery. He says, ‘As a Holistic Dentist I look at the connection between your oral health (the outer smile) and your overall health (your inner smile). I believe that the sequence and timing of your personal treatment plan is just as important as the treatment itself. Holistic Dental patients should be properly supported and advised before and during their treatment. To provide my patients with the most comprehensive healthcare tailored to their personal needs, I will often work in synergy with other holistically minded practitioners.’ Click here to learn more about his work and to find out how you can contact him.


Meeting of Men: Supporting the Awakening Process

Men are in a new place: throwing off old conditioning and learning anew how to communicate, feel and trust their perceptions. To reflect this new understanding, Sudas (Brendan Boyle) and Akash (Paul Butler) are offering a Meeting of Men retreat experience in the Boghill Centre, Co. Clare, from Friday May 10th to Sunday May 12th. They describe it as ‘a weekend for men whose desire to be free is greater than the fear of being vulnerable.’ To learn more, call Akash on 089 454 9156 or email hermitagecentre@gmail.com.

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