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We Recommend: Embodying Transformation & Leadership With Clíona O’Hanlon

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We love the work of mindfulness and wellness coach Cliona O’Hanlon, who is offering a series of amazing workshops in transformation and leadership over the coming months. She will be doing a live video on our Facebook page on Monday – check out our page to learn more!

Embody Transformation & Lead With Grace

Cliona O’Hanlon – creator of ALIGN ~ Body•Mind•Spirit – is offering an amazing 6 Days to Transformation workshop from June 6 – 11. She says, ‘if you’re ready to step into your best self, release negative patterns and embody greater mastery and effectiveness in life, this is for you!’

Clíona is also offering two workshops in April. Living and Leading Wholeheartedly, from April 6 – 7, is aimed at individuals ready for practical progression in their lives. Coaching and Facilitation Excellence, from April 8 – 9, is aimed at entrepreneurs, coaches and others wishing to inspire, guide and empower teams of people. The Eventbrite link for Living and Leading Wholeheartedly is available here. To learn more, email Cliona at:



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