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Spring Clean Your Mind: How a Mind Detox Can Bring You Peace

by Sandy C. Newbigging

In this extract from our Spring 2019 issue, Sandy Newbigging shares how we can ‘spring clean’ our minds to access greater levels of joy and peace in our lives.

Spring Clean Your Mind

How a Mind Detox can deliver peace

by Sandy Newbigging

‘Where is my baby? Is there something wrong?’ my tired mum asked a nurse, hours after giving birth to me. ‘You said you’d bring him back for feeding hours ago, but nobody’s brought him, I’m worried that he must be hungry by now.’ This was my welcome to the world: being taken from my mum to spend hours alone without care and food. It didn’t matter that it was an innocent oversight by the hospital staff. I didn’t know that then.

Without knowing the reality of the situation, I continued my life unaware of the event ever happening, along with the toxic belief that had been created that day. Subsequently, I had no idea that the event and belief had been screwing with my life, from behind the scenes, for several years. It wasn’t until I did a Mind Detox (over three decades later) that the ramifications of being left alone after my birth were finally revealed and resolved.

I’ve since learned that even if we begin life with no spoken words, we are able to feel what’s going on from before our first breath. Later in life, we learn to use words to convey how we feel – but feelings are fuelling the formation of our beliefs from the get-go.

As the name suggests, Mind Detox is a tool for letting go of anything toxic that is preventing you from being at your best. I believe we are born with brilliance, but if we are holding on to unresolved stuff from the past, it is harder to engage our natural states of inner peace and immense potential. Peace with the past is possible. I know this from successfully Mind Detoxing hundreds of people.

Are we looking through a mental lens that is clouded by toxic assumptions, beliefs or attitudes? If so, we lack pure perception.

Our perceptions are pure when we see the entirety of reality, as it actually is, rather than seeing a falsified, edited version of reality, based upon our assumptions, beliefs and attitudes.

Being at peace with the past requires us to return to the truth of reality, where resolution is waiting for us. Until we do this, our life is defined and determined by a series of fictitious fantasies, imagined by our mind, which are only a relative reality (similar to a dream or convincing story).

If truth and the prize of peace is what we want, we must be willing to question our assumptions and challenge our beliefs stemming from what we think happened. We need to instead see what really went on.

Here are three introductory Mind Detox questions to ask yourself now:

  • Are my facts about what happened actually fictions?
  • Is the real problem my perceptions of the past?
  • Do I want to be right or do I want to be at peace?

The simple act of questioning your assumptions can crack open an inner door, through which peace becomes possible. If you are open to perceiving your past with fresh eyes and from a more positive and empowered perspective, then having a Mind Detox this spring can work wonders.

This is an extract from Sandy’s new book, ‘Mind Detox: Discover and Resolve the Root Causes of Chronic Conditions and Persistent Problems.’


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