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Spirituality in the City: Summer 2019 Edition

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We love the Spirituality in the City section of our magazine, where readers tell us, in their own words, what spirituality means to them. In our Summer 2019 issue, we asked: Tell us about a blissful moment in your life where the stars aligned and you felt one with everything.

Mark Cleary

Working as a healer, I have been privileged on many occasions to witness blissful moments. One springs to mind instantly. I was working in my clinic when a girl I had never met before walked in for an appointment. She told me she had a serious diagnosis of endometriosis and had been told her womb and ovaries would have to be removed. She wanted to start a family and was desperate. I said, let’s sit and hold space and see what we experience. When we finished, Gina stood up and gave me  hug with tears in her eyes. She went away shining and said ‘I’ll be in touch.’ Two months later, she called to tell me she was pregnant. Today she has two healthy children and has gone on to become a yoga teacher and healer. I think the stars are always aligned for us – we just have to pay attention.

Laura Gil

I could tell you many! But the one that changed my life happened five years ago. I had no house, no job and no money. I had nothing but good friends who offered me a place to sleep. I remember being grateful for every second, for all the people I met and the lessons I learned. I experienced freedom in so many ways, but I didn’t want to go home. I believed there was something still to be done in this magic land. Two months later, after sleepless nights, I decided to book my flight back home, trusting I would ultimately miss the flight. The universe listened. I found a job two days beforehand, and a house at my scheduled time of departure. Today, I still remember the feeling of gratitude, support and oneness. Life is a blessing. When you know deep in your heart what you love and what you want, doors will open.

David Gerulis

My life was changed for good. Everything I’ve ever done has led up to this moment – to receive a gift from life itself. You could give it many names, but for me it was a return back home: back to me, to what I am.

A deep meditative state took me right back to where it all started. It felt like everything in existence was made out of love. And I was love. I was That, the Universe itself, sharing glimpses of the infinite knowledge with myself in this other form. I got to see a fast-forward creation of our planet and the answers to the questions I didn’t know I had. Bliss has been a companion of my experience ever since. A feeling of being one with it all has never left me. I often say ‘thank you’, and I often stop and smile in awe. Thank you for all.

Nigel Miller

If you could imagine, what it would be like to experience a spiritual awakening. Now, I’m not sure exactly how you would recall that: extrapolating the most vivid of rewarding sensory information from all those ecstatic experiences you never knew you’ve had. But if you were to, do that, now, powerfully. For me, it was a time when I was in the infinite flow of creative abundance, navigating through a beautifully cosmic hypnotic trance, transmuting the most powerful of universal concepts, the universal paradox. Your very own universe existing within you, as you find yourself existing within it. Now, the cosmic reflection of infinite clarity, cascading in waves of infinity loops. The particle, distant, yet not so far. Entanglement pulsing in perfect symmetry, aligned with the wonder of infinite intelligence. For me, it was the most powerful experience … could you imagine the Journey Within?


Nelly Hughes

If I must pick one, it was the moment my Soul took over to re-ignite my Life-Force from within. Only now, seven years later, I see it was the most profound blissful moment. Back then, it certainly didn’t feel like bliss: more like death and rebirth at once, with a desperate need to rekindle in this earthy life like never before, with an ultimate appreciation for Life, Universe, and all beings, as well as all experiences – good or bad. Blissful moments have been endless since, inspired first by Reiki bringing about positive shifts in my life. My kids soon led me to become a yoga teacher, a practitioner of AYM, and recently, a Shiatsu Japanese Acupressure Therapist. Today, I share these powerful practices with those Souls desiring to reignite their own Life-Force.

Sarah Richardson

Right now. This moment, exactly where I am, I’m feeling total and utter bliss. I say that with complete honesty.

I began my journey as a midwife in a busy Dublin maternity hospital. I thought I was fulfilling my path: that was, until a voice shouted that I was meant to teach and empower women about spirituality and healing. When your intuition speaks like this, the easiest thing to do is push it away.

Now, seeing clients daily for healing, teaching large groups of incredible light workers and seeing how they, too, are following their bliss: that is where my bliss comes from.

Bliss comes from following your path, not anyone else’s. Bliss comes from being in the moment, totally and completely. Bliss comes from knowing you are in the right place, at the right time, supported by a wonderful tribe of people. How can I not feel bliss?

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