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Health, Wellbeing and Natural Therapies Expo to Hit Dublin Next Week

We visited the amazing Vitality Expo last weekend, and we loved it – did you catch our live video of the event over on Facebook? If not, go and check it out! We also have a number of top picks that we loved from the show. Read on to learn all about them…

Tenzing Natural Energy drinks offer an amazing, all-natural alternative to other energy drinks on the market … and they taste wonderful too! Check them out below.



Vita Plantae are a new company offering fruit pots with a lovely Christmas-pudding taste. Composed of ingredients such as raisins, carrots, orange peel, blueberries, parsley and lemon juice, they also provide you with an efficient way to get a wide range of probiotics and prebiotics into your gut. They also offer raisin vinegar as an alternative to apple cider vinegar!



Greta Thunberg is powerfully impacting the world with her message about planetary protection, and we are all wondering what we can do to help. Start by checking out If You Care – these environmental advocates have been around for 15 years, offering a variety of eco-conscious household goods: cloths, dishwasher tablets, coffee and tea filters, baking cups and more.




Spoonful Botanical offers an innovative blend of the highest quality spices (turmeric, Ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cayenne, cardamom), herbs (chamomile, fennel, rosemary, juniper, parsley, nutmeg, oregano) and fermented fruits (golden raisins) homemade by Conor and Jayne in Co. Louth. Spoonful is a unique product in that it combines high quality food-based exotic ingredients, which have renowned properties to combat inflammation, and can be taken on a daily basis to ensure optimum health.



Educo Gym sponsored the Vitality Stage, and fair play to them, as everyone got to see some cool talks by leading names int he wellness industry, such as our very own Alison Canavan, Patrick Holford and Shaman Durek (catch him in our next issue)!



We absolutely love Supernature: makers of high-quality, healthy coconut sugar treats that are good for you. Try the peanut butter cups! They are highly recommended.



The Cultured Food Company are amazing: they recently launched a new beet kvas drink, which is a ginger and beetroot combo with many wellness-enhancing qualities. It is especially good for your digestion and all round well being – try it out this winter.



Keep an eye on Abundance And Health – we hear there’s a new product in the offing, and you cannot go wrong with their vitamin C. It’s the best on the planet (next to intravenous vitamin C, of course). Plus, we love Szilvi and wish her a happy birthday.



Proven Probiotics: get these into your little ones this winter: they are top class products, rigorously backed by scientific research.



For refreshment with a healthy twist, check out Muotnics. They produce a super healthy turmeric-based drink. We love it!



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