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We Recommend: DAWNCLOUDS Mental Health Support Groups

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If you are experiencing mental health challenges and seeking support, we recommend the amazing DAWNCLOUDS support groups, founded by Colin Devereux. Read on to learn more!

DAWNCLOUDS is an organisation of mental health peer support groups. The groups aim to bring together anxious over-thinkers who are sick of living under the burden of their anxiety. DAWNCLOUDS seeks to help those with mental health difficulties by creating a positive place for people to talk and work through their wellbeing issues. 

The groups were founded by Colin Devereux, who has been through a history of mental health difficulties himself. He says:

“For years, I lived with mental health issues, particularly social anxiety,

depression and mood swings.I was never comfortable in myself, always conscious of what others thought of me, always over-thinking every little thing.

My mind was always moving at a speed that I couldn’t keep up with – I could never accept myself or how I felt. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate, I lost weight, I lived in fear of panic attacks and was so unhappy. I went to psychologists. I went to brain trainers. I went to therapy. I tried hypnosis. I tried medication. None of them brought real relief.”

“Then, a number of years ago, I joined a group of like-minded anxious over-thinkers and have never looked back. Having a trusting group of people who were going through the same thing was the only resource that truly helped me. I was able to honestly talk about how I felt without judgement and was able to work on techniques to help with my social anxiety. I went from having panic attacks when asked to introduce myself, to now being confident enough to take this idea forward in order to help others free their mind!”

The DAWNCLOUDS groups are aimed at those who:

Live in fear of panic attacks

Have trouble sleeping

Dread public speaking

Over-think things or feel like their mind is in a spiral of negative thoughts

If you fit into the above categories, DAWNCLOUDS can help you. Check out their website to learn more: dawnclouds.ie

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