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Alison Canavan: Navigating Towards Inner Peace

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We absolutely loved Alison Canavan’s article in our Autumn 2019 issue, which explored how we can navigate towards peace. Click below to read all about it!

Navigating Towards Inner Peace

Journey within on the boat of compassion

by Alison Canavan

Peace is an inner state that is held in your vibrational field. Many of us scramble to fix things outside of ourselves thinking if only the government did X or Y differently, then we would have peace. However, the path to peace begins in each home, with each individual working on their own inner world. When you work on your own personal energy and vibration you help to shift the overall consciousness of the universe. Each one of us are a critical energy source at this time of ascension.

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘mind your own business’? Now, the time has come to mind your own energy. This is a full-time job.

Peace is not something you buy or travel to but rather an inner state of being. This inner state is available to each and every individual, willing and ready to open their hearts to unconditional love. Unconditional love is not the love we have been taught. The love we have been taught is conditional. If you behave a certain way or achieve certain things in life,  then you will receive the level of love that corresponds. This type of love keeps us trapped and in fear. This is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve when you delve inwards for deep inner peace.

Daily meditation is a beautiful way to connect to your inner world each day. Being willing to sit with yourself no matter what is happening is the aim of the game. Acceptance is the place where miracles occur because it opens your heart to seeing all of you. When you open your heart you naturally soften towards yourself and compassion emerges. When we meet who we truly are, and any difficulties that may arise, with compassion, we switch on our internal superpowers.From this state we can work on our energetic field and keep our vibration high. 

Your energy field is your emotional field. E-motions are energy in motion. Keeping your vibration high entails being in a state of awareness as you move through your day. Starting your day with intention, meditation, gratitude and connecting to the divine within (or your higher self/god or whatever you are more comfortable calling it) ensures you have the best chance of continuing in this energy for the day. Whenever you slip, look at it as a temporary disconnection almost like going through an area with a bad phone signal. Soon you will get to know which areas of your own life affect your internal signaling system and you can catch them before they catch you. This takes time, practice and patience but before you know it you will have longer periods of peace and contentment.

Peace begins with the individual but relies on the collective for change. Each individual that sustains their vibration joins others in this energetic state and then a wave of peace can flow through humanity. 

Shift your programming from without to within. Reclaim your power and you will reclaim your peace.


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