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Wisdom in Numbers: Step into Truth in 2020

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Want to learn more about what 2020 has in store, from a numerological perspective? If so, we highly recommend this article from Jai Kartar Kaur Mohan, which appeared in our newly released Winter 2019/20 issue. You can read the full magazine by picking up a copy in your local stockist or subscribing to receive one direct to your door.

Wisdom in Numbers

Step into truth in 2020

 by Jai Kartar Kaur Mohan

The beginning of a new year is a time for re-evaluation and goal setting. It’s a good time to take stock of how you are using your energy. What transformation do you require to get from where you are to the most authentic version of who you are? To get a clearer picture, let’s contemplate what the years 2019 and 2020 have to offer from a tantric numerology perspective.

The energy of the numbers 3 and 10 have been the dominating energies in 2019. These numbers relate to the Positive Mind and the Radiant Body. The Positive Mind is what we need to overcome obstacles, and to have the willingness and enthusiasm that’s required to step into the unknown. The Radiant Body reflects the radiance of your soul. It lets you use the light of your soul to illuminate yourself and the world around you. The Positive Mind and the Radiant Body, when combined, foster self-belief, self-trust, and entitlement. 2019 provided a platform to learn the lessons of courage, positivity, and empowerment, in one way or another.

The numbers two and four will dominate in 2020. Both of these numbers relate to aspects of the mind. We needed to harness the Positive Mind in 2019. We need to address the other two aspects of the mind, the Negative and Neutral Minds, in 2020. When all three aspects of the mind are unified, we have the capacity to fully develop thought processes, thereby evolving both individual and collective consciousness.

The Negative Mind plays the role of a supporting actor in 2020. It encourages you to be analytical, discerning, and cautious. The shadow side of the Negative Mind dwells in fear and indecision. Alternatively, you can use the light of its discriminating nature to make informed decisions that compel you to take action. The Negative Mind indicates the need to overcome the inertia and indecision in order to step up to the challenge.

The featured player of 2020 is the number four, relating to the Neutral Mind. It is aware of the long-term effects of your decisions and takes the repercussions of your actions, or lack of action, into consideration. The Neutral Mind clears karma by understanding the cycles of cause and effect. Its omnipresent nature encourages the expanded consciousness of ‘we’, rather than the limited consciousness of ‘me.’

The Neutral Mind fosters what is known in ancient yogic texts as ‘man’. Man is the experience of the mind, heart, and soul, joined together to create higher consciousness. When the forces of our mightiest tools are united, with the intelligence of the mind, the compassion of the heart, and the truth of the soul, we are able to overcome the perils of time and space.

It is time for humankind to take responsibility. We tend defer to authority figures and existing structures to handle the complexities of economic, sociological, and political circumstances. It is time for us to take individual responsibility for our actions. We must consider the effect before we cause it to happen. Take your place as a human rights advocate, a conscientious consumer, or a guardian of this planet. It is time to engage in long term thinking, rather than revelling in the distraction of immediate gratification.

2019 has encouraged you step into your personal power and truth. 2020 is all about exercising it for the greater good.

Jai Kartar Kaur Mohan is a Kundalini yoga teacher, Kundalini yoga teacher trainer, yogic numerologist and Naad yoga specialist.


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