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April Danann: The Gift of Love

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This Thursday, we are hosting the amazing ‘natural rebel’ April Danann at Positive Nights, for a revolutionary talk on climate change, ascension and shifting our consciousness. We are marking the occasion by sharing this short but beautiful piece she wrote on the nature of love, which appeared in our Winter 2019/20 issue. To read the full magazine, pick up a copy or subscribe.

The Gift of Love

A challenge and a blessing

by April Danann

What if love – real love, true love, higher love – is also a narrative? When we look up the origins of these words, we find other references to the words ‘story’, ‘history’ and to fairy tales. So, is this why love is the stuff of ancient tales?

But then when we examine this simple word, LOVE, we find it traces its origins to the deeper relationship with ‘to care’. And that is where our story begins!

Once you find it within yourself to care about who you are, where you are going and the way you fill your thoughts or time or energy, only then does your body get to experience this relationship with a specific positive state of mind.

To care, and to link this feeling to compassion for oneself, just might be the highest form of love! Love isn’t what you think it is. It isn’t about being kind or good or even nice to each other. Love is this indescribable sense of knowing: knowing when to do, to give, to stop, to run or to let go.

Love is all about the ways in which you choose, each day, to honour the person you wish to become. It is the energy and type of feeling you use to go about your work or your chores or your most difficult tasks.

And the best part is? You got this. We all have love inside of us. One drop of love in an ocean of life, can make all the difference.

Click here to learn all about our event with April.


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