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Vegan Season for Cornucopia: New Cookbook Arrives!

by Alison McEvoy

Here at Positive Life, we have long been huge fans of the renowned vegetarian restaurant, Cornucopia. So when we heard they were releasing a new entirely vegan cookbook called The Green Cookbook, we just had to feature them in our Winter 2019/20 magazine! The article below appears in our ever-popular Short and Sweet section.

Vegan season for Cornucopia

Plant-based deliciousness 

by Alison McEvoy

I remember the days when my daily lunch in Cornucopia consisted of sitting around a long table in their one-roomed restaurant, squeezing into kind company for a steaming bowl of soup and sumptuous salads. Since then, they have grown outwards, into the adjoining property, and upwards, upstairs, then up again. The sky is the limit, it seems, for this innovative and ahead-of-its-time health-food hub.

Cornucopia has been going through another transformation recently, becoming an almost fully vegan restaurant. Speaking with Aoife Carrigy, co-author of their newest plant-based cookbook, she explained that head chef and co-author Tony Keogh “oversees an almost exclusively plant-based kitchen today,” reflected in this newest output “which hopefully has something in it for every kind of cook, no matter if they are meat eaters who want to increase their weekly plant-based meals, vegetarians who are looking at shifting towards a more vegan approach or vegans looking to learn more great recipes.”

When I asked Aoife to sneak us a peak at some of the top recipes in the book, she didn’t know where to start.

“There are so many great main course recipes, some perfect for a quick supper, like the courgette linguine with basil cashew cream, semi-dried tomatoes and rocket, or the noodle tofu stir-fry. Others are real showstoppers like the aubergine timbale with romesco sauce, or sweetheart cabbage timbales with celeriac and beet sauce.”

“Liadan’s Banoffee Pie is a great example of how a rich dairy-based dessert can be produced with plant-based ingredients.”

This is the perfect gift to self or other, inviting you to join forces with the vegan movement for greater individual health and the health of the planet.


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