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Judy Satori: Let Gratitude Overcome Fear

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We love this article by Judy Satori, which appeared in our Winter 2019/20 issue. Here, she speaks about the value of cultivating gratitude, and how the presence of Mary Magdalene as one of her guides helped her with this.

Transform Your Life

Let gratitude overcome fear

by Judy Satori

The energy of GRATITUDE overcomes fear

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to visit La Sainte Baume in Provence. La Sainte Baume literally translates as “the sainted cave”, and refers to the grotto where Mary Magdalene is said to have lived for thirty years after fleeing to southern France, following the crucifixion of Jesus. 

I stayed in the town of Sainte-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, where Mary’s relics are interred in a crypt under the Basilica de Santa Maria Magdalena. The church was built after the burial place of Mary was discovered by a nephew of the King of France in 1279.  

I spent nine days walking in the forest of La Sainte Baume, following the pilgrims’ path that leads to a final climb up 150 steps to the cave chapel. I felt the energy of Mary all around me. Her words came quickly and easily into my mind. I wrote a set of teachings: Mary called them transcripts.

One of the transcripts that Mary taught me is about GRATITUDE.

She told me that when we consciously speak words of gratitude with the emotion of truly being grateful, we can reverse limitation, lack and negative life situations and circumstances. The energy of gratitude, when consciously held in heart and mind, can also support healing and balance our body. Physical and emotional dis-ease is very often triggered by stress and fear energy vibrating through body and mind, thus creating a lack of harmony and balance in the cells of the body, and actually contributing to making us sick.

If we can find something to be grateful for in every situation that we are presented with in life, we shift the balance between fear and love, and we move into an energy of peace and surrender. Harmony and peace energy vibrating in the cells of the body brings balance. Balance leads to health and happiness.

We only need to think it, speak it and feel it for this transformation to occur.   

Truly, the energy of gratitude is like a river of new life for body, mind and spirit. Mary Magdalene also taught me that when we speak words of gratitude for having what we want, but currently do not have, that we powerfully draw to us our desires.

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