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We Recommend: Hempful’s Amazing Treats

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Hempful is the leading Irish producer of hemp foods, CBD oils and CBD food supplements.  Their products are all derived from high-quality, European-grown hemp. For Hempful, quality is paramount, as director Eamon Canning stated during a recent conversation we had with him.

The company was founded in 2017, after Eamon became interested in the potential health benefits of hemp. ‘As I began to research hemp for myself, I could see the benefits of it, both as a sustainable crop and a healthful crop. It was a no-brainer, really!’

In recent years, a growing number of scientific studies have demonstrated how hemp and CBD can offer remarkable improvements in health and wellbeing. Consumers now flock to hemp-derived products, but Hempful initially encountered some hesitancy among consumers.

‘One of the challenges we faced in the beginning was that people didn’t really know what hemp was,’ Eamon explained, ‘so there was some education to be done in that regard. But now that CBD oil and similar products have really taken off in the Irish market, people have become much more familiar with hemp as a food product. There’s a greater awareness.’

Hempful pride themselves on offering high quality, provenance and authenticity. Their latest food creations are Hempful health snacks, a range of four CBD- and hemp-infused bars. The bars contain less than ten ingredients, and are free from additives and sweeteners. They are the first treat bars of its kind on the market. Hempful created them after seeing that there was a niche for nutritious treats with a difference among health-conscious Irish consumers.

Hempful’s full spectrum CBD oils are available throughout Ireland, in over 100 health stores and pharmacies. They also supply distributors, wholesalers and independent food stores. ‘We’ve received some great feedback from customers and retailers, which has been amazing,’ Eamon remarked, ‘and we hope to continue providing the highest quality hemp products well into the future!’


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