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We Recommend: Sapphire Eyewear’s Blue Light Glasses

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Looking for a convenient way to mitigate the impact of blue light from your computer and phone screens? We love Sapphire Eyewear, a charitable eyewear company whose computer glasses really work … and for every pair they sell, they donate a pair to people in need in the developing world!

In recent years, much attention has been placed upon the issue of computers and eye health. The general public has become increasingly aware of the dangers of blue light rays emitted by our computer and phone screens.

Blue light is also known as HEV light, or high-energy visible light, with short wavelengths of 400-500 nanometers. Blue light exposure has been linked to poor sleep quality, eye strain and a range of other health problems … but in modern society, with so many of us relying on technology for our livelihood, completely avoidance of this light is not always a realistic solution.

This is where Sapphire Eyewear comes in! Sapphire Eyewear is run by husband-and-wife team Seamus Flynn – an optician – and Dr Dearbhaile Collins, a consultant oncologist in Cork University Hospital.

They sell blue light glasses that block blue light from digital devices, thus reducing eyestrain and related problems.

Their lenses use the latest technology, including silver halide embedded in the lenses. This makes the lenses clear indoors, and darker outdoors, when UV from the sun hits them. They turn into sunglasses outdoors, to protect eyes from UV light as well as computer screens.

For every pair of glasses Sapphire Eyewear sells, they donate a pair of glasses to people in need in developing countries.

Seamus and Dearbhaile spent some time working in Zambia, where they were shocked to learn that Zambia has only 48 qualified opticians in the whole country, with a population of 16 million people. The public find it very difficult and expensive to access eye testing and suitable prescription eyewear. This experience motivated them to give back to the people of Zambia, helping them to access appropriate eyewear.

To learn more about this amazing company and the glasses they offer, go to sapphireeyewear.com

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