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We love Aloha House, and are in awe of the amazing work carried out by founder Louise Kleu. We featured Aloha House in our Summer 2020 issue, and today, we’re sharing the article to our website, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

The heart of Lomi Lomi

Spirit of Aloha

By Alison McEvoy

“I was initially attracted to Lomi Lomi by the concept of Aloha. When I received my first Lomi Lomi – and I had never met the woman before – the unconditional love she showed me, how she held me…the care and connection, just floored me. There was such a pain in the realisation that I have probably never been loved and cared for in that way before.” (Louise Kleu)

I received my own first Lomi at the age of 17 years, in far off sunny Brisbane. I too experienced that same melting shock of love and overflowing of tenderness that is the healing essence of Lomi Lomi – Aloha. Louise Kleu was the second person from whom I received Lomi Lomi, many years later. Louise is another embodiment of the Aloha spirit. She has been committed to the work of spreading Aloha, through Lomi Lomi treatments and trainings, for the past twenty years. She now shares from her Aloha House in Co. Kerry. 

“It’s the one thing that is so unique to Lomi, I feel – The Aloha. People feel it when they receive a treatment or a training. As a witness, I know that Lomi moves mountains for people.”

Aloha – the unity, honesty, humility, love and alertness contained within its spirit – does indeed spread healing balm on inner landscapes scarred with old hurts and pain. Louise feels deeply that what we need to do in these times is turn to the heart, the seat of Aloha. “Everyone has the ability to connect with the heart. We need to return the heart of Mother Nature to herself, through our own hearts.” Through reconnecting with our hearts and giving them what they need, we cultivate the ability to unconditionally love ourselves, others and care for our beloved earth. Aloha


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