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Keep Your Blood in Motion With BEMER

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In our Autumn 2020 issue, we explored the benefits of BEMER, a device with the ability to restore optimal blood flow. Read on to learn all about it!

Improve your flow

Keep your blood in motion

by Alison McEvoy

When technology is developed in service of human health and well-being, the results can be truly amazing. BEMER is an acronym for a piece of electrical equipment which has been scientifically shown to help improve blood flow. This might sound simple enough, however the ramifications of being able to support the body’s flow of blood can be quite astounding.

Every single body has been equipped with a heart, the essential organ of blood flow. The heart continues its relentless work, night and day, from birth till death, pumping and pushing oxygenated blood around the body. It pumps blood through a vast network of blood vessels which service every single cell in the body; bringing nutrients and oxygen on their way in, and taking away waste products, like lactic acid and carbon dioxide, on their way out – back to the heart.

When we breathe in, we breathe in the oxygen which the lungs transfer into the blood stream to be spread around to all our cells. When we breathe out, we breathe out the waste which the blood stream has transported back to the heart and out through the lungs. It’s an intricate, intelligent system which works well, especially when we are young and healthy.

The heart, as a pump, is extremely forceful. To get to the far reaches of the body, and back again, it must pump blood through a trail of vessels which is 75,000 miles long. These vessels also play their part in helping the blood to flow and carry out its essential work of keeping all the cells of the body vital and serviced. They contract and relax rhythmically (aka vasodilation), helping to keep the blood moving along to those far-to-reach places, through smaller and smaller vessels, farther and farther away from the heart. You get the picture…

With age, a poor diet, lack of time to exercise, lack of sleep or injury, these vaso-contractions occur less and less. Healthy, nutrient and oxygen rich blood does not get to reach the places that need it, and waste products can build up. In such a scenario, BEMER aims to help.

Non-invasive, non-chemical, BEMER is a device which can be used at home, or in a clinical practice, to improve the flow of blood. When the force of the heart needs help, this device has been shown to improve the vaso-motion – the contraction and release of the blood vessels – bringing about improved micro-circulation of blood into the smallest of vessels.

Movement is medicine, as all of life is a flow. Time is in continuous flow and living requires a continuous stream of oxygen, food and water to be supplied to the body. The health of our cells requires the continuous motion of blood to and fro, to and fro, from the heart. Where our motion is restricted, by ill health or injury, it is of the essence that the flow is restored. BEMER is a technology aimed at supporting the flow of blood, the flow of life.

BEMER is being used all over the world. You can listen to people and clinicians talk about it, from Canada to India, in all kinds of settings and uses. Check it out for yourself!


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