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Mas Sajady: Freedom Begins When Striving Ends

by Aisling Cronin

Mas Sajady is a transformational coach and founder of Exponential Intelligence®, MediMorphosis® and Medihealing®. We were thrilled to talk with him for our Winter 2020/21 issue, on the topic of sovereignty. Read the interview below.

You Are Complete

True freedom begins when striving ends

by Aisling Cronin

Mas Sajady is a transformational coach and founder of Exponential Intelligence®, MediMorphosis® and Medihealing®. These modalities have helped thousands of people around the world to break through challenging situations and achieve success and fulfilment.

As a child, Mas attempted to conceal his highly intuitive nature so he could fit in. It took two near-death experiences for him to awaken and embrace his abilities. The first of these experiences occurred in his early twenties.

After this, his intuitive abilities were heightened and he was able to sense future events and the internal issues of others. However, these abilities subsided as family life took over. His children and his successful web development business took centre stage during this era of his life.

Mas’ second near-death experience occurred in 2006. This one opened him up to even higher levels of awareness. Nowadays, he acts as a conduit for pure healing energy, helping people to experience fundamental shifts in their lives. We recently interviewed him on the topic of sovereignty, and how we can embody a greater sense of freedom within our lives.

How would you describe sovereignty?

Sovereignty is an interesting question. If you look at the course of human history, you’ll see that the masses of humanity have never really been free. They’ve always been fighting for their freedom, or rebelling against oppression of some kind. So whether you look at it from that big level – nation states, countries, or religions – or from the level of the individual person, you can see that people have always been striving to free themselves in some way.

Freedom is a difficult concept to define, because there are so many layers to it, and it can mean different things to different people. The majority of humans are striving for financial freedom, as an example … but then those who do earn a lot of money aren’t always free, in their own minds, from the fear of lack, or the fear of losing what they have.

Yes, the first task is to define what freedom means to you. People who make a lot of money are often driven by a feeling of needing to prove to the world that they can be somebody. Perhaps they were bullied in school, and were very driven to succeed as a result … but are they free from that ‘bully’ years later? A lot of people gravitate towards money because of what we’ve idealised money to be … and other individuals would gravitate towards knowledge, or spirituality. The state of striving – always thinking they have to work hard to get to another state of being – keeps them thinking that they will never truly be free until they achieve a goal … until they are different from how they are right now.

Have you often seen that striving mentality emerge in your work?

Yes – as Exponential Intelligence® has become more and more popular, I’ve observed many people operating from a position of believing they’re not enough at point A, so they must strive to get to point B. My work is about helping people to understand themselves as a complete being: helping people to unite their physical self with their timeless self, so there is no longer a rigid differentiation between the two. The good news is that with the current chaos going on – financial systems breaking down, for example – this gives us the opportunity to break away from the things that have bound us, and find our freedom.

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