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Be Winter Wise: The Wellbeing Duo, Ginkgo & Vitamin D

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Nutritional experts Pharmanord are one of our much-loved regular magazine contributors, and we loved their sage advice on staying in tip-top condition this winter! Check out the article from our Winter 2020/21 issue below.

Be Winter Wise

The well-being duo: Ginkgo & Vitamin D

Each winter, all through secondary school, my fingers were covered in plasters when my chilblains would break through the skin. Winters were painfully long those days when my feet and hands were akin to blocks of ice, day and night. Blood flow to my hands and feet was sluggish and chilblains were the painful result. I came across Ginkgo Biloba after I left school. Thanks to it, alongside my yoga routine and veggie diet, I have long said my goodbyes to chilblains.

What is Ginkgo Biloba?

Ginkgo biloba is a traditional herbal remedy that has been used for centuries to improve blood circulation, and offer help for problems like cold hands and feet. Ginkgo is one of the oldest living tree species and an extract of its leaves is the active ingredient in Ginkgo-Biloba Pharma Nord tablets. Pharma Nord is, in fact, the only brand in Ireland selling ginkgo biloba, over the counter in Ireland, in pharmacies.

Ginkgo Biloba contains active compounds with a unique ability to help the blood pass through the cardio-vascular system – the system of arteries and veins through which the blood is pumped, from the heart, all over the body. Good blood circulation from head to toe is key to a healthy and well functioning body. Your body consists of billions of cells and each of these cells needs oxygen and nutrients in order to carry out the their functions that keep you in good health.

Brain Power

Our brain consumes twenty percent of the entire body’s oxygen supply. Blood supply to the brain is crucial for fueling and maintaining our cognitive functions, such as our memory and our ability to process information through planning and evaluating outcomes. Ginkgo has long been associated with the protection of our cognitive functions.

Supplementing Sunshine

Mothers are told to give their babies Vitamin D drops every day for the first year of their lives. The reason for this is simple; most Europeans do not get enough Vitamin D. We all are very much aware that we don’t get enough sunshine and the two are, as you know, synonymous. Vitamin D is another great way to be winter wise. This sunshine vitamin is key to the development of strong bones and teeth, and is now being shown to support the immune system too.

Set your Standards

It is always wise to do a little investigating before reaching out and picking a brand off the shelf. There are many preparations out there, for example, with ginkgo biloba. While they may seem pretty much alike, there can be big differences. Ginkgo Biloba Pharma Nord is manufactured using the same quality and safety inspection procedures as those used to manufacture pharmaceutical drugs – hence their name. It is a traditional herbal remedy made to pharmaceutical standards.

The same goes for Pharma Nord’s Vitamin D pearls. They are dissolved in cold pressed olive oil to enhance absorption, making sure each and every cell gets what it needs to stay strong and well throughout the winter.

Check them out in your local pharmacy or online at:


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