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Alkaline Alignment: Simple Steps to Maintain Health

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We love interviewing both established and emerging holistic names for our magazine, and one of the people we spoke to for our Winter 2020/21 issue was Roddy MacDonald of Water for Health. Read our piece below!

Alkaline Alignment

Simple steps to maintain health

by Roddy MacDonald

One area of natural health care that is frequently ignored is proper body pH balance, which has profound impacts on our wellbeing. There is a common misconception that the body’s buffering system will keep the pH of our blood and tissues at the ideal, slightly alkaline level of 7.30 to 7.45. However, modern living and high levels of stress can push blood and tissue pH more towards the acidic zone.

Initial signs that body pH is under stress include reduced energy levels and a struggling immune system. The more acidic blood becomes, the less efficiently it is able to transfer oxygen throughout the body.

A few simple nutritional changes can make a huge difference. Firstly, start drinking more health promoting water instead of excess tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol. Ideally drink alkaline antioxidant water, such as the kind filtered through the Biocera Alkialine Jug Filter. Secondly, consume plenty of vegetables, particularly dark green vegetables, which are nutrient dense and alkalising. If that is a challenge, take a daily serving of a green super food powder, cut as pHresh Greens which is excellent for pH balance and general nutrition. Lastly take plenty of alkaline minerals to help support pH balance. If you are not getting enough from your diet, a blend of alkaline electrolytes in the bicarbonate form can help buffer acidicity. Alkalmax is a convenient blend.

Focus on improved body pH balance. It is one of the most important things you can do to maintain or regain your health.


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