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Sneak Peek: Oracle Girl on the New Embodied Human

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The cover star of our new Spring 2021 issue is Oracle Girl (Jacqueline Hobbs). She had some amazing information to share about how we are moving towards a new embodiment of what it means to be human. Read on to enjoy a sneak peek of that interview.

Embodying the New Human

A conversation with Jacqueline Hobbs

by Aisling Cronin

Interviewer: Paul Congdon

Jacqueline, also called Oracle Girl, has become a well-known figure over the last few years. She helps people to switch on their own ability to purify themselves and others of the ‘slave self’, which limits and shuts down our infinite being with family patterns, personal issues, and outdated beliefs.

Her purification events, videos, tracks and messages have now been seen and heard by people all over the world. During a recent Positive Nights event with Jacqueline, we had the opportunity to speak to her and learn more about her work.

She led the event with a powerful opening message, intended to bring up an energy of deep peace in all who attended.

Real silence is very active. When it’s at the right frequency, it really switches you on, and your self-healing ability will start to strip out the ‘slave self’ automatically. The more we can work with that real silence, the better. When we all join there, everything takes care of itself, so there is nothing to worry about. It’s going to be okay. Your body knows exactly what to do, and you came here for these times.

Just pay attention to your body. There’s no need to change anything. Right now, I am generating a stronger and stronger signal, which a certain part of you is picking up. I don’t ‘go into you’. I don’t take anything out. I’m not a healer. I just emit a strong frequency, like a wavelength, and your body picks it up. It activates an area within your source connection that contains instructions that you brought here for these times.

We’re all a bit like ‘sleeper agents’! These instructions are not affected by what’s going on in the outside world. They are already in you, just waiting for the speed of your whole personal field to pick up and oscillate in a certain way. And as soon as it does, your self-healing ability starts to switch on. You start to delete something called ‘the slave self’ from your being. The slave self is a setting that keeps you limited and unable to embody your infinite self.

Paul: We’re delighted to be to you, Jacqueline. Let’s talk about patterns. How do they get stuck within us, or within our ancestral line, and how we can shift them?

Jacqueline: Let’s start at the beginning – you are a new embodied human, and within you, you have a fixture, or a setting, that is called the ‘slave self’, which vibrates at a certain frequency. Within that setup of the ‘slave self’, there is a nexus of what you’re calling patterns. All of those patterns mesh together. If you are vibrating at the level of the new embodied human, you start to purify and delete the slave self and automatically erase your patterns. If, however, you are vibrating at the level of the slave self, you start to experience life from inside a kind of box. Then you become consumed by trying to resolve, or get out of, your patterns. Until recently, the ‘default setting’ for most of humanity has been the level of the slave self. What has happened since then is that in concert with the Earth, your own body technology has started to work on a different level, ejecting the slave self.

We have two timelines on the planet right now: a timeline where some of humanity are still vibrating at the level of the slave self; and another timeline where humans are upgrading – and they are upgrading physically and biologically. The issue is not about upgrading your consciousness or trying to remove your patterns. You need to upgrade physically, so that your carrier ‘vessel’, if you like, can hold that new high-frequency being that is meshing with this reality. When you start to unravel the slave self, your patterns start to disappear.

Paul: The topic of this conversation is ‘the new embodied human’ – let’s really give people a sense of that new human. Can you talk to us about what that feels like?

Jacqueline: Definitely! The new human is totally alive. There is still struggle and there is still pain … but you will also be able to feel the directness of reality in all of the positive areas of life as well. And because your biology will be more sensitive, and able to receive a wider bandwidth of frequencies, your physical body will begin to change. Sometimes you will have ‘symptoms’, if you like, of your body starting to manifest different abilities, or the changing of your cellular and skeletal structure.

You might feel so much coursing energy, at times, that you won’t know what to do with it! This is a sign of your body ‘revving up’ to carry out those instructions that exist within your source connection: instructions that are physically there for this time. You can also feel, at this time, as though one part of your being is trying to move forward, while another part of you is trying to turn around and move you backwards.

To read the full print interview, just check your nearest Positive Life stockist, or subscribe to receive a copy direct to your door.

You can watch our full interview with Jacqueline on our YouTube channel here. We highly recommend checking out the full interview, as it contains a great deal of information that we couldn’t fit into our pages! For more on Jacqueline, go to:


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